Phoenixx Reveals New Information on Titles at INDIE Live Expo 2021

by Chris Camilleri
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New Trailers for fault – milestone two side: below, Survival Quiz City, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone and more

Japanese indie publisher Phoenixx today revealed a new lineup trailer containing information on their upcoming titles releasing worldwide and in Japan in 2021, including new updates on fault – milestone two side: below, Survival Quiz City, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, and more.

The latest title in the fault series, which has sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide, is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch™ and PC (Steam) in the fall of 2021, with the Steam page now open and a new trailer available.

The main character, Ritna, is trapped in the underwater facility “Vita Domain” after the events of the previous game, fault – milestone two side: above. There she meets a mysterious girl named Peiju, who has a hidden secret… Will Ritna be able to escape the facility and reunite with the princess she is supposed to protect, Selphine, and her fellow runes?

While the emotionally-charged story remains intact, the visual presentation and adventure elements have been redesigned and enhanced from previous titles! Enjoy the new world of fault as a cinematic adventure.

Game Info

Title: fault – milestone two side:below
Genre: Cinematic Adventure

Platforms: Nintendo Switch™ /PC(Steam) 
Release Date: Fall 2021
Price: Undecided
Official Site:
Copyright: ©ALICE IN DISSONANCE | Published by Phoenixx Inc.

Break it! Search! UFOs vs. UFOs sports action game Super UFO Fighter!

A 1v1 sports action game with cute UFOs fighting each other, based on the UFO catcher motif!

Move the UFO and use the simple controls of to break boxes and pull things up! If you can pull up the desired item before your opponent and bring it to your position, you win! Use each character’s skills and stage gimmicks to enjoy strategic and exciting battles!

Game Info

Title: Super UFO Fighter
Developer: VV LABO
Genre: UFO Battle Action

Platforms: PC (Steam)
Release Date: Fall 2021
Price: Undecided
Steam Page:
Official Site:
Copyright: ©VV LABO | Published by Phoenixx Inc.

These are merely two of the titles Phoenixx Inc. has in its 2021 Lineup. Feel free to explore the rest on the official website.

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