Open-World RPG Sands of Salzaar’s English Language Edition Out Now (PC)

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X.D. Network and Han-Squirrel Studio today launch the English language edition of Sands of Salzaar, making the indie open-world action RPG fully accessible for players in North America and Europe for the first time. The Old Empire has fallen, leaving rival factions to compete for control of a vast desert land in an epic story brought to life with unique hand-drawn visuals.

And now is the perfect time to dive in: Sands of Salzaar is available at its biggest discount ever for 40% off on Steam Early Access until Oct. 6!

Sands of Salzaar combines large- and small-scale battles with innovative strategy elements and resource management. Recruit a mighty army up from a single unit and lead them into combat against opposing cities and factions in real-time. You can even hunt, summon and train wild creatures like dragons, phoenixes, demons, bears and wolves.

How you progress is up to you: customize your hero as a warrior, sorcerer, beastmaster and more, pick your soldiers and their abilities, and choose which factions to make your ally — and which to make your enemy. Every playthrough offers new challenges and experiences.

In addition to a massive English localization spanning over 500,000 words, today’s update introduces new story content featuring 30 bonus questlines. There’s also full mod support via Steam Workshop, with hundreds of mods delivering new characters, custom maps, multiplayer maps, bonus difficulty modes and more available now.

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