OneOdio A70 Fusion review

by Ben Kirby
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If someone said to me “Hey Ben, you a fan of OneOdio?” I’d have to be honest and say that I’ve never heard of them before. But…….if they’re creating headsets like this…..I wonder if that’s about to change? There’s some work to be done, but with some focus in the right areas, OneOdio could be one to watch.

A set of headphones designed for music and, according to the box, DJ headphones. All I know really is that the OneOdio A70 headphones aren’t to be sniffed at just because they’re not a big brand (yet). More specific below, but currently retailing at £38, you could do far worse for more money.



Slender and black with hints of steel. What’s not to like here?

Sure there’s a bit of plastic on the ear cups themselves, but it’s textured and doesn’t look cheap or nasty in any way. Add to that the leatherette stylings giving it a more premium-looking finish. The OneOdio A70 is a nice looking headset that you wouldn’t mind having on display in public. Certainly looking more premium than their price point!

Coming in a nice soft leather bag, inside the box. OneOdio has invested in the stylings of the A70, for certain.


I’ve reviewed a good amount of headsets over the past few years. Earbuds, gaming headsets, over-ear, wireless. You name it. That doesn’t make me the authority, by any stretch, but it does mean that I’ve started to get a feel for that fine line between decent/well-priced and poor/over-priced.

The OneOdio A70 Wireless DJ Headphones sound awesome. There’s no over-compensating with added bass or treble, hiding the fact that the high and middle ends of the spectrum are somehow lesser. Here, you get lovely clean audio at every part of the spectrum.

Providing the music is well mixed, too. You hear a wooden-toned bassline as a snare and hi-hat snap in the background. Those layers of guitars and keys swirling around your head. That pounding bass drum pumping the heartbeat behind a vocal.

This was one of the best low-budget headsets I’ve had the pleasure of using to listen to my favourite tracks.

I always play a varied and dynamic range of songs that I know really well, so I can listen for parts and tracks that I know should be in the mix. The OneOdio A70 didn’t drop anything. Topped with a good high volume (without distortion), I sat with a big grin on my face because I genuinely expected to be disappointed, and was totally taken aback by what I was getting.


Where OneOdio delivers in style and audio. I have to say that looks are a little deceiving at first glance. The A70, whilst on the budget side of the market, clearly didn’t have the money spent on materials other than the audio drivers and electronics.

I’ll come to comfort shortly, but the thin leatherette and pretty much all of the headband area, in general, are really disappointing. Nicely adorned with the OneOdio name, but it just feels…….I hate to say this…….it just feels cheap. Light, over-flexible and just not what you would expect at first glance.

This has been the most disappointing part for me. I pick them up and worry that everything is going to snap.


Comfort and build kind of go hand in hand, and if you’ve read above, you likely know what I’m about to say here. The OneOdio A70 is not one for long listening sessions.

The headband and the cushioning just aren’t adequate and you basically feel that think metal directly on the top of your head. It makes the experience less satisfying than it should, and takes away from the fact the audio quality is so good!

I wore these for a couple of hours whilst doing the garden, on multiple occasions. I sat in my office with them, taking in some tunes, and I played with songs and equalisers on my phone for a while. All in all, I would say I’ve had a good 8-10 hours with them on my head, and I can honestly say that more than a couple at any one time, is too much.

That’s a real shame because the OneOdio A70 battery is great and they just keep on going!

Microphone and features

The OneOdio A70 has a built-in mic for taking calls, which is a pretty standard feature on Bluetooth headsets like this. Again, the quality is there. The internals, the electronics are solid, it’s clear that is where the money went!

Add to that a cool feature to share music by joining two pairs-up with a cable, and the included 6.35mm Jack to 3.5mm jack cables, you’re flush with options to take in your tunes.

All bundled up in a nice soft pouch. It’s like there’s been a lot of thought on the visuals and the internals, and the budget was put there.

Great all-in-all set of features and accessories.


Great audio, nice looks and a lovely set of features and accessories for a low price. The OneOdio A70 isn’t to be sniffed at!

Just be careful, because whilst the ear muff elements are soft and comfortable enough, that headband gets uncomfortable quite quickly. Furthermore, having a big head, I found that they looked over-stretched on me which likely didn’t help with the headband digging in.

For £38 I don’t know that you will find anything that sounds as good as these. But perhaps a slight drop in audio quality for some comfort is a fair trade-off? Short-bursts of good music, and you’re laughing. Just don’t expect to settle in for the night.

You can purchase yourself a set of these headphones right now from the official OneOdio store, with 20% off using code: SUPER20%

And whilst you wait for them to be delivered, check out our selection of other hardware reviews on the site HERE.

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