No more broken cables with Sandberg’s new long-life range

by Chris Camilleri
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Sandberg has launched a range of new cables for mobile units which are quite special. Because it is very hard for them to break.

In order to ensure that the cables have a long life the cable itself is reinforced with Kevlar fibre in double-braided nylon, and the connectors are made from cast metal. This means that the cable and connectors are themselves protected by a superstrong encapsulation. This means that it is the encapsulation which takes the physical stresses instead of the cable itself. This construction is tested to ensure it withstands being bent at least 60,000 times and to bear a load of at least 70 kg, without affecting the cable’s functionality.

Every single cable is tested to ensure it can withstand these stresses.

Martin Hollerup, CEO at Sandberg A/S, tells us: “Both my family and I know only too well the problems with ordinary mobile cables which have a limited lifetime. Therefore our mission with the Survivor cables is to create cables which can stick to it all. A load of 70 kg is obviously more than anyone needs but it means we are on the safe side.”

Survivor Lightning Cable – 1M

Survivor USB C to USB C Cable – 1M

To check out Sandberg’s online store, feel free to follow this link.

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