Most Popular Games During The Pandemic

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As the anxiety surrounding Coronavirus Pandemic sparked worldwide, the people took the help of games to survive through the lockdown. We all have had a history of video games in childhood where summer vacations were spent with friends and cousins playing video games throughout the day.

A variety of Video Games to play and history of video games

The sales of video games have skyrocketed since March due to the pandemic. People have been forced to stay inside their houses for months together. It is not easy for people who are workaholic and tend to be busy throughout the day, to be in a single space for a long time always.

However, the history of video games has helped us recollect ourselves and thrive through the pandemic. Here is a list of most popular games to be played during COVID:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This game has been appreciated and used by many people because of guns, soldiers, missions, and properties.

The Modern Warfare version has actual missions and assistance in the software to provide a comfortable playing experience.

Pokemon Sword

Pokemon is such a game that is loved by all. It is easy to play. Pokemon Sword brings back a lot of memories of childhood of watching the cartoon show every day.

Catching your favourite pokemon is another level of satisfaction when you are all stressed out from work.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This new game has to be on your list while playing video games in the pandemic.

People who have played posted so many positive reviews about it. It is a light, reading, and entertaining match that relieves you from stress.


People have been playing FIFA for a long time; it’s 2020 version got released in 2019 and has become the most popular game amongst football fans.

A number of platforms support the software of the game like Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PlayStation 4.

Kid Gaming during the Pandemic

Don’t miss playing Board Games with your family

Since most of us have moved out of our houses to different cities and distant locations, it is nearly impossible to spend quality time with family.

Pandemic is a blessing in disguise as it has given us time to think, enjoy, and spend time with loved ones. The best memory of childhood was playing board games like snakes and ladders, business, and bingo.

However, online versions of these games are available, but nothing can replace the fun of playing them physically. Following is the list of most favourite board games to play with your family:


Putting letters in the structure and forming words used to be so much fun. You can still play it with your family and friends.

Scrabble involved many people cheating their way to winning by forming words that existed in the dictionary. But that is what made it the most fun.


Monopoly used to be the masters game. Whoever won this game was considered the smartest person in the house.

This game has a popular name in the history of video games, and its popularity is still growing strong. So if you want to have nostalgia, then playing Monopoly has to be mandatory.


You can rarely find people who have not played Ludo ever in their life. The online version, which has been sensationalized during the Coronavirus pandemic, is no better than the board game.

Online Ludo King allows you to play with your friends sitting in any part of the world. But playing Ludo on the board gives you a different joyfulness esp when playing with family.


If you want to play board games, which require the use of all your senses, then Chess is just the game for you. All the black and white boxes are sure to fascinate you during the pandemic.

It requires the application of all your strategies, but there is a restraint if only two people. You will need a lot of patience and concentration to play and win Chess.

How have board and video games helped people to deal with anxiety?

These popular video and board games will help you deal with anxiety during the pandemic. People are listening to death news and heath emergency news daily. This unknowingly takes a toll on our mental health.

Playing these games will not only keep you busy but also act as a source of positivity in life. The games work as a therapy for people who are already dealing with ill mental health.

Gaming requires interaction with family and friends; spending time with them will also ensure that you don’t isolate yourself in these challenging times.

Kid with gun and knife

Playing games is a form of entertainment during the pandemic

Apart from games, movies are the only form of entertainment during a pandemic. But one cannot watch movies every day at home. It is evident with the volume of sales of gaming software in the market that people are indulging in gaming to avoid any kind of stress.

Professionals working in corporations are loaded with work due to low employee turnover. Playing games can release the stress and tensions of the workload from the head of employees and give them a sigh of relief.

A history of video games also shows that controlled use of video games have a positive impact on the brains of children as well.

Students have been forced to take classes online, which has taken a toll on their eyes and brain. Playing board games as a form of recreation with children at home also helps them deal with anxiety.

Playing these popular games in the pandemic has evidently affected the mental health of people to make it better. These games act as interactive escapism for people who fear being isolated. So if you play video games and board games, you can easily survive through the pandemic.

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