Most downloaded casino games in the world heading into 2023

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Online casinos have reached new heights in the 21st century. Perhaps unsurprisingly, gambling has always been a massive part of the entertainment industry. So, in this Digital Era, gambling online and playing online casino games was obviously the next logical step.

Online casinos have grown in number, with an estimated 2,800 gambling websites in the 2020s. And shockingly, that already-high number is still growing. By the end of 2023, many expect we will have over 3000 websites. With so many websites, how could one know which casino games to play?

Well, the fun of gambling is playing with others. So, in this article, we will provide you with a list of the most downloaded and played online casino games in the world. Knowing the most popular ones may help you choose which game you want to play next.

A collection of screenshots from different Casino Games

The most popular casino games

Online slots

Regarding popularity, online slots are the undisputed king of the iGaming industry. They are frequently the most played and downloaded out of any other casino games on the online gambling market, a trait they share with their land-based counterparts. The reason for online slots’ popularity is obvious.

They are simple, easy, convenient, and fun. Add on top of that the fun that comes with creating unique audio and visual themes, and not many would be surprised to learn that online slots are the most popular games at real money online casino websites.

Teen Patti Go

Created in India, Teen Patti has recently garnered significant esteem in online gambling. Played with a single 52-card deck, the game is similar to poker in many ways. The goal is to get the best three-card sequence at the table. And much like poker, there are many different versions of Teen Patti.

When it comes to online gambling, however, the undisputed most popular version of the game is Teen Patti Go. According to a study done in November of 2022, Teen Patti Go is the second most downloaded casino gaming app, with over 2 million downloads worldwide. It was topped only by the popular mobile game Coin Master, which hit over 3 million.

It is also worth noting that various other Teen Patti apps have reached the top most downloaded casino games of the past year. This a monumental feat, considering the iGaming industry soared in the past year, which means that Teen Patti might just be the hit gambling game of 2022.

Teen Patti Go is one of the most popular online casino games

Coin Master

We brought it up earlier, but we would be remised if we did not dedicate a whole section to Coin Master. Developed by the Israeli studio Moon Active, the game combines elements from the strategy genre, the puzzle genre, and online slots to create a fantastic experience for any player looking for a good time. Not to mention, the game also provides ways where players can get free spins and other bonus features, so you will never be at a loss for resources.

The primary objective behind the game is to get as many coins as possible and then upgrade your village. In doing so, your town grows more prominent and prosperous, thus ensuring you get more and more coins. While it may not seem like much, Coin Master’s gameplay has attracted over 100 million people and made it the highest-grossing mobile game in the United Kingdom and Germany. In 2022, the game exceeded the 3 million downloads mark, making it the most popular downloaded game of the year.

Poker games

Is it any surprise that poker games get special attention in iGaming? If not the most popular, poker is undoubtedly the most recognizable gambling game of all time. With dozens of variations, the game has seeped into popular culture to such a degree that we use poker phrases in our daily lives. Poker apps get millions of downloads annually, with new users looking for an introduction to one of the most popular casino games in the world.

The thing that makes poker so appealing is that it is a perfect blend of strategy and luck. Poker is similar to chess, which explains why so many chess players are attracted to the game and vice versa. It is that mass appeal that has ensured that poker endures over the centuries. And it is also that mass appeal that provides the game will continue to strive for years to come.

One of the most popular casino games, Governor of Poker 3

Final words

The four casino games mentioned above are all trendy. They have won the hearts and minds of quite a lot of gamblers in the past couple of years. Their popularity is a huge part of what has made the iGaming industry so big, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they continued to grow throughout 2023 following a successful 2022.

For more gambling-related articles like this one on the most downloaded casino games, check out our Gambling section.

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