MEDIA ALERT: Fire at Will: Frenetic Multiplayer Firefighting Game ‘Embr’ Boosted by Two Major Updates Before End of 2020

by Chris Camilleri
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Check out the brand new Embr trailer to celebrate the latest updates here! –

Having successfully pulled off a smoking hot launch into Early Access in the Spring – amassing more than 50 million views on YouTube in the process – Curve Digital and Muse Games can today announce that Embr gamers are set to be treated to two major, free updates to the game before 2020 is out.

Out yesterday, the first update includes a brand new district featuring a fresh office environment. With packs of printer paper and to-go coffee cups outnumbering most office workers, you can imagine just what kind of tinder box you and your vigilante firefighting pals will be walking into!

Full content for the first ‘Winter update’ and its brand new district can be found here: 

  • New office space environment
  • New mini-campaign with additional levels: 
  • New items including a vacuum grenade
  • Embr Gear Drop: Medic
  • Truck cosmetics: 1 New vehicle chassis and decorations: rims, siren, hood ornament

Following on from that, a further major update later in December will feature yet another new mini-campaign – one where players work for BoxBox delivery and cleanup, couriering boxes to clients quickly before help them clean out their old cardboard using your unique Respondr skills – and multiple new levels, as well a brand new ice gun.

The second ‘Holiday update’ will include: 

  • New mini-campaign with three new levels.
  • New items, including an ice gun
  • Embr Gear Drop: Holiday
  • New truck cosmetics, including a siren and hood ornament

Embr is available on Early Access for Steam and Google Stadia.

Check out the game’s Steam page here.

And for more gaming news feel free to visit our section HERE.

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