Mastiff Will Publish MeNic Games’ Smol City-Building Sim Tinytopia, Coming This Summer to Steam

by Chris Camilleri
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Create (and destroy) your own miniature towns with big-city dreams and physics-defying mechanics!

Mastiff today announced it will publish indie developer MeNic Games’ playful, physics-based, city-building sim Tinytopia for PC via Steam this summer. Create and manage the whimsical worlds of your childhood imagination, from bite-sized burgs to magnificent metropolises, all in miniature form!

As the Mayor and mastermind of Tinytopia you’re free to craft vibrant locales with an abundance of charming toy-like structures and tools. Develop quaint communities and attract new residents to grow them into bustling cities with soaring skylines. Build your creations and protect the tiny citizens from everything from natural disasters to monster attacks… or your own destructive schemes! Tinytopia delivers a wondrous experience on a tabletop scale that’s as challenging or relaxing as you like.



  • Big Goals, Big Cities, Miniature Pieces: Create the city of your dreams. Keep the population happy, the economy humming, and the skyline beautiful. And do it all with a wide array of toy-like miniatures and tools.
  • Craft Happens: As Mayor and Chief Architect, stack and combine building blocks to form incredible megastructures! Experiment to unlock more than 80 new structures!
  • A Smashing Good Time: Protect your tiny citizens from catastrophes like tornadoes, fires, monster attacks, UFOs, and more. Or flip a switch and watch it all come crumbling down!
  • Balance. Plan. Play: Prove your architectural excellence and put your skills to the test with Tinytopia’s physics-based Challenge Levels or play through the campaign and recreate real-world cities like San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and more!
Tinytopia is available to wishlist now on Steam.

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