How to Start Making Money on Gaming

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What do you think about when you hear the word gaming? Most probably, your mind draws pictures of high-skilled pro players wearing top tech gear and playing their favourite game on a big scene in front of millions of fans. And that is true, but at the same time, it’s only a part of it.

Gaming turned from being a niche activity for geeks into a global entertainment industry within a decade. Nowadays, the world has over 2 billion people playing video games in this or that way regularly. That’s a huge market for electronic hardware manufacturers, big game-making companies, and esports. And that is also a great opportunity for people to earn some good funds for their hobby.

For example, a full-time college student would surely be happy to have the opportunity to make pocket money on their hobby. Additionally, you can always order assistance from services like essaypro if your activity starts paying off more. Here are the ways to make money gaming you might want to consider.

Before we proceed, it is important to say that such activities as account boosting or in-game currency trading weren’t included in the list on purpose. The reason for that is obvious: according to the overwhelming majority of license agreements, those opportunities are illegal. Of course, the demand for such services proves that nobody cares. And it is a solution that might potentially allow you to earn quite well while playing the game you like. However, it is always better to avoid breaking licenses and laws. Fortunately, legal options can be even more profitable.

Streaming or Vlogging

The first way to make money on gaming is probably the first one that a modern person would think about. And yes, it’s actually the direct way to turn your passion for regular gaming into incomes.

Modern video game business persons have two main ways to earn with their hobby: they either broadcast their gameplay directly and comment things live using popular services like, or they record in-game footage and then create video content with it (mainly for YouTube). 

No doubt, there exist some disadvantages that everyone becoming a streamer, or YouTube gaming vlogger should take into account. First, the competition in that niche is really high nowadays. That means you need to make quality content regularly. To do that, you need a relatively powerful desktop PC (ultra-budget laptops popular among students won’t give you enough performance), a certain skill of video making or streaming, and of course, much time. Students who want to turn their hobby into money most probably order essaypro assistance services more frequently than anyone else.

Professional Streaming Setup with mic, keyboard, headset, monitor and PC

In-Game Content Creation

What is the most effective way for developers to support interest in their games among the audience? A lot of eternal multiplayer games (Minecraft, DotA 2, Roblox) give players the outstanding opportunity: full-scale modding instruments. That means fans can add new features and ideas into favourite games on their own. A lot of dedicated gamers would do that for free, but real miracles appear when developers stimulate their work with some real money.

Though this way sets particularly high requirements for your talent, knowledge, and self-discipline, it is far better than many other opportunities described online. Think about that you can use your DotA 2 inventory models or Minecraft worlds as references proving your skill to build a future career as a 3D modeller, level designer, or game tester, for instance.

Game Design

What? Why not?

A game development industry is pretty tough and challenging for newcomers, but the opportunity to work on a game of a genre you really like is sweet on its own. Additionally, if the project becomes popular and profitable, your name stays in the credits of its creators forever, and maybe millions of fans will know you as a great professional. If you like solving difficult tasks and enjoy finishing long-term projects, this job is what you need.

On the other hand, you won’t work for big games at once. Mostly, game development specialists start with indie games or mobile projects. But don’t rush to quit – the level of income of popular mobile apps is frequently equal to that of big PC or console titles.

Software Inc Office Building


It is the opportunity that young gamers are considering more and more frequently, especially regarding the growth of the industry’s popularity. If you are really, really good at some esports discipline (DotA 2, LoL, CS: GO, racing and sports simulators, fighting games, card games, etc.), then professional gaming is your way to earn very well while doing what you like.

However, it may take years of practice until you get noticed by professional esports organisations. However, if you are a passionate gamer ready to play for the win all the time and to get fame and trophies, this is exactly the career you have always dreamed about in gaming.

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