League of Angels III Brings in Shaedra — Enemies Gonna Get Locked Down

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While lockdown continues to keep most of us at home, League of Angels III continues to release more goodies into the Divine Continent. All of a sudden, lockdown with the angels sounds so heavenly! The Queen of the Black Dragons is a formidable leader and doesn’t let politics get in the way of keeping her opponents socially distanced.

Fiery Shaedra is the current usurper of the Black Dragon race, and an elder of the Dragon Parliament. After the Warring States, she ensured Ulysses, the Black Dragon King, was forever sealed within the Tree of Origin. Shaedra then waited for her opportunity to seize power when the Black Dragon Prince Daun was absent. His fate was also sealed (not in a tree) when he returned, as Shaedra had him placed under permanent house arrest. Looking at the graphics, the fiery crown and detailing on Shaerdra’s outfit is the style players have come to love from the League of Angels franchise. 

For the safety of the Black Dragons, she temporarily obeyed Pavara and launched another assault on the Grace Continent. Shaedra is an iron and blood attacker, anyone who challenges her majesty will find themselves subject to her judgement!


May’s update brings all-new levels, offering players the opportunity to experience higher levels and unlock the latest instalments of the game’s storyline. For those who want to upgrade their Mount to an Artefact, ‘Mount Awaken’ has arrived in-game — players can now upgrade the Mythic Mount to an Artefact Mount by playing Mount Awaken.

Players may have noticed League of Angels III’s recent ‘Vivian’s Blessing’ event on across social media platforms… For those who want more rewards and to make the most of the game, be sure to follow the game on social media.

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