KRAFTON, Inc. and PUBG Corporation Merge to Strengthen the Independent Studio System

by Chris Camilleri
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Today, KRAFTON Inc., responsible for entertainment properties such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) and TERA, announced plans to consolidate PUBG Corporation’s publishing and support teams into KRAFTON. This newly integrated entity will give the company a greater ability to pursue its vision of an independent studio system that will empower development teams to produce premier gameplay experiences.


The merger, which is expected to take place later this year, will allow KRAFTON to strengthen its internal support capabilities to service its multiple products worldwide. In turn, each of its development studios will be given the freedom to pursue their own creative visions. These studios include PUBG, which will live on as a development team, Bluehole, which is refocusing development efforts on upholding its founding principle of creating premier MMORPG experiences, and other studios focusing on game experiences for a variety of genres and audiences.

“In order to create premier gameplay experiences, we believe that each of our studios should build their own unique creative identity,” said CH Kim, CEO, KRAFTON. “The announced consolidation will allow us to create sustainable environments where each of our studios can focus on what they do best, development. With a gameplay-first mentality, we are confident that this system will lead to sustainable growth and the ability to develop distinguished products within particular genres.”

Following this announcement, KRAFTON, as the parent company, will establish a collaborative system that will ensure synergy between itself and its independent studios.

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