Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut coming to Steam this year

by VR Lars
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Clifftop Games and Raw Fury are showing the award winning adventure game Kathy Rain some love, announcing a Director’s Cut version due for release this autumn.

Just in time for Steam’s Big Adventure Event, Clifftop Games and Raw Fury are reigniting a catalogue classic with Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut, full of new content, atmosphere, and an unforgettable mystery.

The Director’s Cut is coming with an expanded storyline, remixed soundtrack and controller support alongside many more improvements, revitalising the experience for 2021. It tells the tale of, unsurprisingly, journalism major Kathy Rain, who’s investigating the death of her grandfather in a small town with big secrets. You can check out the announcement trailer below!

Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut trailer

It promises a harrowing, emotional adventure with a wide range of deep characters. The original release enjoyed a fantastic critical reception, and the Director’s Cut is sure to expand even further on the game’s potential. Stay tuned for a release date – as always, we’ll keep you in the loop. In the meantime, you can wishlist the game on Steam right now!

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