In Death: Unchained Highlights Oculus Quest 2 Upgrades

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Already standing out from the mobile VR crowd with its detailed visuals and natural lighting, In Death: Unchained is now even better on Quest 2 with the developers utilizing the new hardware to deliver sharper visuals, increased comfort and smoother gameplay. Today, the game’s developer, Superbright, announced additional upcoming upgrades it’s working on and shared a sneak peek into what players can expect.

Coming soon to what already is one of the best looking and highest rated Oculus Quest games, the company’s goal with the updates is to establish Unchained as a must-have visual experience on Oculus’ mobile VR platform:

We’re incredibly excited for the release of Quest 2, we think the headset delivers the true consumer VR option we’ve all been waiting for, and we couldn’t be happier to support it and make In Death: Unchained even better, with some of the updates trickling down to Quest 1 as well

CEO Wojtek Podgorski.

Leveraging a heavily modified Unreal Engine that allowed Superbright to deliver the high-quality visuals at its original launch in July 2020, the team has been working on upgrades and optimizations for Quest 2 that further deliver on the game’s vision. Some of the highlights include the ability to display the game’s whole world at once, with beautiful heavenly vistas that span to the horizon, as well as additional visual elements further, filling out the desolate world of the game’s godless afterlife.

The developer says players can expect even more upgrades, with more details to be provided upon release. Alongside the Quest 2 upgrades, the developer is working on a free DLC, available for both Quest 1 & 2, to be released in November.

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