HyperBrawl Tournament demo available

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Independent developer Milky Tea Studios today announced the demo for their high-adrenaline arcade-style sports brawler, HyperBrawl Tournament, is available to download throughout the entirety of the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition.

Grab the HyperBrawl Tournament demo here:

All week from October 7th – 13th, the Steam Game Festival will shine a spotlight on all the new exciting games due to be released within the next six months. As part of the festivities, the HyperBrawl Tournament demo is available to download.

The demo will contain a wealth of features from the full game to whet your brawling appetite:

  • Three arenas to battle it out in – Temple of Entropy, The Foundry and Court of Azderitch. 
  • Four playable heroes – Shade, Tristan, Toro and Go-Zen. 
  • Five powerful weapons to wield – Sentry Shield, Cyclone Sword, Grapple Gun, Boost Bomber and Turbo Thruster.

Players can test their skills across 4 online and offline game modes too:

  • ARCADE – Jump into instant local multiplayer or single-player matches for 1-4 players, earn XP and level up. 
  • BLITZ – Compete online with players across the world for the ultimate accolade, becoming the ‘The HyperBrawl Champion’, the longer the win streak, the greater the rewards.
  • PRIVATE MATCH – Create or join a match online to prove yourself amongst your friends and reign over them with your superior HyperBrawl skills.
  • THE TRIALS – Enter the tutorial and practise your skills before entering the arena.
HyperBrawl Tournament gameplay

Revamped for PC and consoles, HyperBrawl Tournament is a beautiful and fast-paced PvP experience, optimised for skill-based online multiplayer or local ‘party’ play. Smash, brawl and score your way to victory in relentless, high-adrenaline, 1-4 PvP arena battles. Master the legendary HyperCurve, granting you complete control of the ball to outmanoeuvre opponents and score awesome goals.

Or deploy the HyperForce, enabling you to launch your opponents out of the arena with its devastating, game-changing power. In a competitive mix of sports and brawling,  players assemble their team with a combination of heroes and weapons of their unique choosing to bring into the arena as they fight for control of the ball, throwing it into the opposition’s goal to outscore their opponents. The key to victory is mastering the HyperCurve, and using the HyperForce at the most critical moments, to turn the tide of the match.

HyperBrawl Tournament is available now on Apple Arcade and launches this October 20th on Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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