Huawei FreeBuds 3 review

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Right now it appears to be that each cell phone maker is coordinating with earphones for their phones. This accepts that you need your devices to be made by the improvement branch of the very organization that made your phone. Huawei has followed the same way. They are presently the second-biggest cell phone producer on the planet and alongside their FreeBuds Lite, they have dispatched FreeBuds 3. 

The FreeBuds 3 are an extraordinary decision for clients who need an AirPods-like pair of headphones that are more viable with Android gadgets. They are a moment’s suggestion for Huawei cell phone clients. The FreeBuds sport an open-ear fit; all in all, nothing jams solidly in your ear. All things being equal, they sit somewhat hastily. Indeed, the Freebuds is the first on the planet to join an open fit with dynamic clamour dropping (ANC), as the two elements are to some degree opposing. 

FreeBuds 3 – Coupling and configuration

When utilized with a Huawei Phone, the FreeBuds 3 interface is as careful and quick as Apple earbuds do with an iPhone. At the point when you open the top of the charging case, a little window springs up on the phone, which shows when the association is finished. It likewise shows the battery status of the earphones and of the charging case.

Notwithstanding, this solitary works with Huawei cell phones that have essentially EMUI 10 introduced. This is like manner applies to the Auto-Play work, which starts playback when you put the headphones in your ears and thus stops when the Huawei 3 buds are taken out again.

What can the Kirin A1 do? 

Inside the totally remote is a processor called “Kirin A1”, which should be extremely viable in Huawei’s wearable adornments. With the help of the new Bluetooth adaptation 5.1, this chip offers, in addition to other things, an advanced and stable, energy-saving Bluetooth association with low idleness.

The exemplary expert slave control of these in-ears is utilized for singular information supply exclusively to both in-ears. Furthermore, the new chip is equipped for information transmission of up to 2.3 megabits each second, so that even FLAC documents without encoding can be played back through Bluetooth UHD. 

Huawei FreeBuds 3 white and black

Noise cancelling

On the off chance that you switch on the commotion decreases, the clamour level ascents essentially; this comes from the receivers, which need to record the encompassing commotion before they can channel it. In the application, you can change the strength of the commotion to decrease utilizing a turntable with the goal that specific frequencies pretty much vanish. In this manner, you can hear the declarations at the station without hearing the upsetting thundering of the trains.

Yet, you need to work a smidgen to get a decent outcome. All things considered, dynamic clamour dropping adds to the quietness of music tuning in, however eventually, because of the free plan of the earbuds – which just hang in the ear and don’t have the advantage from any fitting connections to assist with housing sound – it’s hard to make a lot of segregation from the rest of the world and upsetting commotions can, in any case, get into your ears. 

Listen up

Since their plan is total without ear moulds – consistent with the maxim “One Size Fits All” – the FreeBuds 3 hung rather freely in my ears. However, I was astounded by how well they fit me, not squeezing at all or causing even the smallest inconvenience. All things considered, a neglectful head development could undoubtedly prompt the passing of a piece of costly innovation. 

The sound that arrives at your ears through the powerful 14mm drivers is very smooth, enjoyably open and seeming to sound adjusted, smooth and clear, while the basses add some zing and the high pitches appear to be energetic and new. As I would see it, just the mids don’t actually stand their ground, and this causes the general sound to appear to be a bit flimsy. 

The Huawei FreeBuds 3, thus, don’t move to the first spot on the list as far as strong. The guarantee of a good picture and sound synchronicity when watching recordings is an or more point, however, it’s not actually much to request the words not to linger behind the photos. 


With 30mAh of battery per FreeBud and 410mAh in the charging case, the FreeBud 3s are both serious and advantageous, with the case pressing multiple occasions the charge of the buds. 

The buds keep going around four hours on a solitary charge, less if commotion dropping is started up, and they charge in only 30 minutes, which is good. 

FreeBuds 3 Conclusion 

As a rule, you can in any case exploit the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 on a non-HUAWEI/HONOR cell phone, except for the low inertness highlight. In case you’re utilizing a HUAWEI Mate 30, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 is probably the most ideal alternative out there that you can get for your listening joy.

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