Huawei’s Band 4 – Fitness trackers with a difference

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While we’re focusing on the Huawei Band 4, we’re also looking at the Band 4e in parallel. While the more miniature fitness tracker has substantially fewer features, it does have one unique function. Huawei offers three different model variants of its fourth-generation fitness tracker. The Huawei Band 4 Pro with OLED, the only variant with GPS, has already been reviewed. Band 4 has a heart rate sensor, just like the Band 4 Pro. It also includes certain standard innovative band features, such as a complete display of notifications. 

Huawei Band 4 red, on the other hand, can indicate that a notice has arrived and cannot display the notification or the app from which it came. The Band 4e, on the other hand, has one unique feature that not only the other two versions lack but that is also unique in general.

Case and Equipment

The exteriors of both trackers already have some notable variances. Band 4 includes a full-area colour touch display with manual brightness control and a vast selection of alternate watch faces, whilst Band 4e has a simple monochrome display with a button on the bottom border. Its soft Silicone band ensures a snug fit around the wrist, which is necessary for the optical heart rate sensor and is available in black, pink, or red.

The latter is absent from Band 4e, and Huawei’s designers have chosen a completely different look. The tracker is worn loosely around the wrist and is held in place by an elastic band manufactured from recycled materials that may be adjusted. 

Huawei Band 4 features

The Health app

A clip is included in the packaging to secure it to your shoe. Because the shoe clip has only two contacts, the tracker can automatically switch to shoe mode if you enable automatic recognition. The Band 4e features a charger with a standard USB connector in addition to the band and shoe clip. Huawei has effectively placed the charger into Band 4. When you open the band on one side of the tracker cover, it reveals, and you can then plug it directly into a USB charger (not included).

Without the Huawei Health app and connecting into a Huawei account, neither tracker can be utilised. We already had the app installed on a Pixel 3 from our Huawei Watch GT 2 review, although this caused some issues before our actual test. 

Following a considerable investigation, we discovered that Huawei Mobile Services, which must run in the background, caused issues following an update, notably in select Pixel variants. In our situation, the workaround entailed first creating a Huawei account if one hadn’t already been created via a browser, for example, and then connecting the already existing Huawei account via the account setup in the system settings.

After that, the app was able to connect to both bands simultaneously without issue. It combined their data, which is understandable when the devices have different sensors, as they do here (Band 4 with a heart rate sensor and Band 4e with a more accurate gyroscope).

Operation and Software

The Huawei Band-4 series trackers all have a sensor key at the bottom of the display for activation. In-Band 4e, however, this is the only input choice. When the key is pressed or when the wrist is turned, the display changes. 

The smartphone search function and the status for the day’s activities are alternately displayed:

minutes of being immobile or strenuous activities, steps and distance travelled, calories burned and sleep length. Notifications are indicated but do not appear on the screen.

Operating Choices

More display and operating choices are available with Band 4: You may move forward and backwards through the displayed functions using the touch display, which spans the entire front. A back button is accessed by swiping from the left, and the Home button at the bottom of the screen returns you to the home screen from any location.

The number of notifications is already presented inside a badge on the overview screen, and you may read the complete notifications on the fitness watch. However, eliminating them becomes a challenge because viewing notifications on a smartphone does not affect the fitness band.

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