From Slingo to Valheim’s Success: How Vikings Are Conquering Gaming

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Considering just how vast the gaming world is these days, it is probably not a huge surprise that it has embraced all kinds of genres and themes such as pirates and vikings.​ Titles are based on so many concepts, from science fiction and sport to superheroes and horror. However, one area that seems to provide endless inspiration is history, as games have been influenced by all kinds of eras. The Vikings and Norse mythology have turned out to be a real source of fascination and their popularity in gaming has seemingly gone to a new level in recent years.

Valheim key art showing vikings standing looking into the distance

Surprising influence

The famous iconography of the Vikings can be found across gaming, with them even appearing in some places you might not have expected. For instance, did you ever think you would see the day where Vikings are combined with online bingo?

Paddy Power dedicates an entire section of its site to Slingo, a concept that combines elements of bingo with specific aspects of online slots. According to, the games generally involve spinning the reels and then marking off any numbers on the grid provided. Slingo titles are based on many themes these days, from TV shows like Deal or No Deal to online slot experiences such as Rainbow Riches. However, Vikings are also now present and correct in that world.

Paddy Power outlines how Slingo Berserk features a range of Viking imagery, including the famous horned helmets associated with them and longships. The theme has also been adapted into the gameplay, with the jackpot game revolving around finding three images of the same warrior.

Sales success

But, while it might be surprising to discover that Vikings are having an impact in the world of online bingo, it may be less of a shock to hear how they are performing well in video gaming. This has been put in the spotlight in recent weeks by Valheim. Sites recently reported on Embracer Group’s confirmation that the Viking sandbox game had enjoyed sales of 6.8 million since February. It was also predicted that the title could sell one million more copies before the end of June.

Another Viking-inspired video game that has proven to be a big hit in recent months is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Back in November, a Ubisoft press release revealed that the title had enjoyed the biggest launch in the famous franchise’s history. It also helped the company achieve its biggest PC launch as well.

Compelling experiences

Developers have created some compelling gaming experiences based on all kinds of themes through the years. However, our own history is one area that continues to attract plenty of attention. Vikings have always generated lots of interest across different forms of media, but they seem to have really come to the fore in everything from video games to online bingo in recent times. It will be fascinating to see if they have what it takes to continue to conquer gaming in the years to come.

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