How US and UK online casinos compare

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Online casinos are a relatively new concept in the USA. It has taken some time for the various states to come up with the best ways to benefit from online gaming. Gambling sites arrived earlier in the UK. The nation has benefitted a great deal thanks to the accessibility of gaming and sports betting sites. But aside from the history involved, there are some other key differences between online casinos in both countries.


The laws for gambling in the USA have traditionally been somewhat complex. This is because there are national, regional and individual state laws in place. Therefore, it is up to each state and region to govern their own laws that they have put in place. With the rapid advancement of online business and entertainment, this has been a challenge to both players and authorities.

A ban on overseas casino providers operating within the states is also a noticeable difference. However, recent changes suggest that the legalities in the US are becoming streamlined and less complicated. In the UK, online gaming and gambling are 100% legal. If companies offering online betting games have the correct license, they are free to ply their trade.

The wide variety of games

Both US and UK online casinos pride themselves on giving players plenty of choices. Various themes including action, adventure and arcade. There are also new and unique games specially formulated for the online arena. Both the US and the UK aim to cater for their players through producing games with themes based on passions.

Sports themed games are always popular online, at DraftKings Casino, you’ll find an exclusive offering of Touchdown Blackjack. This merging of American football and Blackjack, or 21, is a fun twist on both games.​ It offers the chance of building up the yardage and scoring touchdowns while you win hands.

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Differences in sports betting in the UK and the US

DraftKings made a name for itself primarily as a sports betting company. It was first successful as a big name in fantasy sports. That style of a sports game is based on making predictions on how you think a team of players will do across a season. It is also extremely popular in the UK. But whereas in the UK, online sports betting has been legal for a long time, it is a more recent phenomenon in the US. Nowadays, the online sportsbook in some states is perfectly legal and safe.

Differences in how odds are made

Another significant difference between the two countries is how the odds for certain bets are created. In the UK the common form of bet is based on a decimal odds system. This is where you stake an amount and if you win you get the stake back plus the winnings of the odds. So, if you placed a bet of 1 pound on odds of 4/1, you would win 5 pounds – which is the stake plus winnings. In the US, a popular bet is known as the Moneyline bet.

This offers odds on the favourite and the underdog, signified by a plus or negative sign. This also ties in with the use of handicaps, or spread bets, where the favourite is docked points to even up the bet with the underdog. This makes for a more even type of bet. It has recently become more popular in the UK as well.

Differences in sports popularity in the UK and the US

In the UK, the most popular sport for betting is football. It is the out and out market leader for betting on in the country. In the US, American football, baseball and basketball all figure strongly when it comes to popularity. This translates to bets and playing on a sportsbook.

An American sportsbook differs from traditional UK sports betting in the fact that in the USA bets previously had to be placed at a specific place. This would usually be in the sports arena itself. In the UK the equivalent of this would be a bookmaker or bookies. This is a venue where bets are taken and the player can often watch the action unfold on television screens.

However, one thing both countries do share, is they are both are seeing a popular rise in esports betting too.

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How are online casinos so successful?

Aside from the great choice of new and stimulating games on offer, online casinos in both nations have done a great job in targeting their key audience. While there is no single typical online player, demographics show that most online players are in the 18 – 35 age range.

Whereas land-based casinos are typically more popular with the older generations of 60 and over, online operations tend to have a younger core base. As online activity continues to grow across the board, this core group could well shift. Online casinos have proven to be adaptable to many changes, and their target demographic could well be another.

US and UK online casino websites have some key differences, largely in the legal workings and game types available. There are also many similarities, chief among them being the rapid rise in popularity. As far as sports betting and gambling providers can see, the future is online. What this means for land-based casinos in the UK and US is still being drawn out. But one thing is for sure; there is a huge market that the best operators will target and cater for.

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