How to Gamble Online Responsibly: Our Guide for New Players

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Online gambling is a popular hobby – especially among young people. To gamble online can be a fun pastime when played with control, there is nothing wrong with gambling as a hobby, but it can sometimes spiral. Players need to play responsibly, or else their fun hobby could become a financial and social burden.

This guide will offer advice and tips on gambling responsibly and making the most of your new hobby.


Why are you looking to gamble? You should only view gambling as a paid form of entertainment. It is not a viable career choice for everyone – it can be, but only an exceedingly small amount (around 1%) of highly skilled or lucky players can make a profession out of it. If you find yourself playing to try and earn money as a form of income, you should take a break and not gamble, as this can be a sign of addiction.


When picking an online casino to play with, it can be worth doing some research first. Some casinos offer sign up bonuses or other enticement offers which you may want to utilise. It is also sometimes valuable to see other people’s opinions on them. For example, if you want to play slots online, perhaps look up reviews of the slot games from different sites before deciding.

There are websites available dedicated to reviewing online casinos, so using these can help you make an informed decision for where you want to gamble. However, always make sure to read the terms and conditions before committing any money to the site.

Wagering Limits

It can be easy to get carried away when you gamble and wager more than you can afford to. Therefore, prepare beforehand, work out a budget, whether monthly or weekly, of what you can spend gambling and stick to it. If you run out, stop, and wait for the next month. Gamblers who often wage significant amounts should always ensure that they have enough left to survive the loss just in case they lose it. Those who wage over what they can afford frequently could indicate addiction.

Chasing Losses

When beginning to gamble online, it is important to recognise that not every day can be your lucky day. Do not try to recoup your losses with bigger bets unless these bets are from your allocated budget. But bear in mind that you should never find yourself extending gameplay or betting outrageously in an attempt to recoup your losses. Playing should be fun. Chasing losses is often the biggest mistake gamblers can make, as it usually only worsens the situation.

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Know the Rules

This may seem obvious but learn the rules and the odds for the game you want to play. Some games can hold more appeal than other irrespective of the odds, simply because they are exciting. Games like blackjack or poker have the best odds, although some specific bets can bring about the worst odds. Whereas games like the slot machines don’t always have the best odds, there is a chance to win big occasionally. Look up the games before you play.

Time Limits

As well as betting limits, you should set time limits too. When gambling, as with any enjoyable hobby or pastime, the time can get away from you. It can be tempting to play more, just one more round or one more hand, but it is necessary to set a limit and stick to it. Leave the game after a predetermined amount of time despite whether you are winning or losing. Setting time limits is an exercise in control if you find yourself struggling to stick to one, it could be a sign of addiction.


Hold yourself to account; sometimes, it can be a good idea to keep someone else informed about your gambling habits. Many players choose to gamble from a shared bank account, either with a partner or a spouse. This can prevent overspending and make you more mindful each time you bet. Admit your mistakes and move on from them.

Helpful Resources

Most online casinos have account logs that offer you a detailed breakdown of your habits. They track expenditures and withdrawals, and some even track playing time. This overview can help you ensure that your habits remain healthy. There are also self-exclusion options; sites offer you the opportunity to block yourself from the site for a period of time specified by you.

This can be particularly helpful if you begin to feel that you are losing control. There are other resources outside of the casinos, such as support networks and addiction therapies available if you think you need them at any time.


Gambling can be a fun, innocuous hobby if played responsibly. Follow the advice above to keep yourself safe whilst betting online. However, if you feel that you need help at any point, reach out and ask for it. There is no shame in it.

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