How to bypass Gamstop – 5 ways to get back into an online casino

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The Gamstop or Gamstop system is a European self-limitation programme, actively promoted in European countries. Non gamstop casinos remain in Europe, but they are already illegal – the requirements for such prevention of gambling addiction are mandatory for obtaining a licence. Once on the stop list, a player loses the ability to enter an online casino and visit a real casino that supports the practice.

However, prohibitions on how to bypass the system and return to the arcade are shared by experienced players.

Here are 5 ways to bypass Gamstop

Waiting out the due time

The Gamstop stop list can be imposed at will, by court order or by a complaint from a relative. The casino ban can last as short as one week or as long as five years – it all depends on the reason for being placed on the register. Some countries, such as the Czech Republic, have added their own requirements – after two consecutive hours of play, the account is forcibly sent to a six-hour rest.

The solution to the problem of short deadlines is obvious – you just need to wait for the specified time. The same is worth doing if the account has been blocked on its own initiative for a couple of days. An attempt to scandalously demand the cancellation of the block may be seen as just a nervous breakdown on the basis of the beginning of addiction. Challenging a stricter decision would be extremely difficult.

Woman behind clock waiting for her Gamstop timeout to end

Playing in a casino without a licence

If the imputed term is too long, or the regulator’s requirements are not satisfied, you may look for a slot machine hall without a license. This fact is rarely stated on the official website, but on the profile forums, players share information. The main thing is to keep in mind that such a project may be a fly-by-night company and close down with the users’ money at any moment.

You should not leave money in the account for a long time, and you should check the period of existence when registering. Priority projects operating for at least a year.

Additionally, it is worth checking other signs of seriousness:

  • the quality of the official website;
  • the presence of live games;
  • feedback from players, correcting for general negative attitudes.

Additionally, you’ll have to put up with the need to use mirrors. More often than not, such casinos are blocked by local authorities. A mirror is found by searching for the brand name online or through technical support.

Register in another country’s casino

The Gamstop system was conceived as a pan-European system, but in practice, most countries only have their own register. Registering in the UK or Switzerland is not a problem unless otherwise stated in the user agreement. Most likely, registration will go through and entry will not be restricted, despite the ban in your own country.

Before registering with a foreign casino, it is worth checking that there is no ban on such activities and that withdrawals in your own region are possible. It is good if cryptocurrency wallets are offered as a withdrawal tool – this will save if the tax authority has the right to check the sources of funds. If access to specific sites is restricted, VPNs can be used to artificially change the outgoing IP address. Some allow you to specify a specific country.

When playing through a VPN it is worthwhile to specify all the data honestly. A sudden change in geolocation may lead the administration to believe that the account has been stolen. In this case, you have to confirm your identity, and you need to make sure that the documents match the data on the website.

Ireland Casino keys on a keyboard

Find a casino without verification

Some casinos with an offshore license (Malta, Curacao, Cyprus, Netherlands) do not perform the verification required by Gamstop. Sometimes it is carried out only when withdrawing large sums of money. It is enough to register under a false name and play. The main thing is that the account must be linked to a valid phone number and email. This way you can restore it if it is lost or stolen.

Take someone else’s account

You may only register a friend or relative and use their account if they are not a gambling or are banned from Gamstop. It is worth agreeing in advance if the casino requires personal payment instruments or verification with a passport in hand. Otherwise, such actions are considered fraud, not to mention a likely conflict with an unsuspecting buddy. You should nevertheless not give the password from your personal account, because an inexperienced player is not likely to lose money. That is why you should agree only with the person who really has no interest in gambling.

Closing thoughts

The main advice is to count on your own strength and not to get into the Gamstop base. If you don’t want to gamble for a while, all you have to do is close the tab. If willpower is not enough, you can lock yourself out for the shortest time possible and wait it out completely. The rules for playing responsibly are given on the pages of any gaming hall with a licence. If the craving for gambling is so great that a couple of days without a casino seems like torture, it’s worth considering – maybe the restriction really is already necessary.

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