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Realistic bullet penetration, new tools and tactical options for the Engineer role capabilities, and deeper logistical & supply systems are making the 50 vs 50 World War II shooter an even greater intense and compelling experience.

Team17 and Black Matter are today releasing a new and free update for Hell Let Loose that further dials up the intensity, immersion, and polish for players of the 50 vs 50 World War II shooter, which is available on Steam Early Access. Hell Let Loose’s latest update sees the introduction of new and overhauled logistics systems such as supply and troop transport trucks to enable faster routes to the frontline, additional tools for the Engineer roles – including the ability to craft bunkers and barricades – for greater tactical options, and a new bullet penetration system for a deeper and more tense battlefield experience.

hell let loose

Also featuring in today’s update is the implementation of unit designation, allowing officers to clearly communicate the role of their units to other members, and better enabling the commander to get a better sense of the resources they have at their disposal on the battlefield. The Hurtgen Forest map has been entirely overhauled, and now includes clearer sight lines and additional cover, while explosion visual and sound effects are also updated to feature multiple layers for a more realistic experience. New uniforms for the German and US crewman and tank commanders, additional cosmetic options, and optimisation cap a significant update for players.

Hell Let Loose: Key Update #8 features:

  • Deeper logistics gameplay: The addition of 12-player transport trucks and supply vehicles enable troops and resources to be brought to where they’re needed quicker than ever before; a wider variety of tools for the Engineer class for greater tactical options
  • Overhauled Hurtgen Forest map: One of the original maps launched in Early Access, the revamped Hurtgen Forest features more clearings for an improved field of fire, varied terrain across the map, and a greater opportunity for cover
  • Bullet penetration: Materials throughout the game react differently to being hit by different ammo types and ranges, deepening the immersion and increasing the realism of the frontline experience
  • Unit designation: Officers can designate their squad’s role in battles, empowering teamwork across the frontline and providing better strategic intelligence for commanders
  • Explosion overhaul: Explosions in Hell Let Loose are more realistic than ever before, with multi-layered visual and sound effects.

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