Four great things about smart jewellery in 2021

by Lars

The field of smart jewellery has extended far beyond Fitbits and Apple Watches in recent years. We can already do things like monitoring your sleeping patterns, track your daily heart rate and follow fitness goals just by replacing the humble watch, but there’s so much more you can do with it.

Smart options for everybody

As smart jewellery becomes more widespread, it’s becoming far more diverse in terms of fashion. It’s not just a case of strapping a black lump of plastic to your arm anymore – you can tailor your smart jewellery choices to your personal sense of style. Take the Bellabeat Leaf, for example.

Smart jewelry - the Bellabeat Leaf.

It doesn’t scream “wearable tech”. This female-focused fitness health tracker comes in a variety of different colour options and can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. It’s made out of real leather and wood, for a much more natural look. Now you can wear something that suits your sense of style and keeps you informed of reproductive and overall health factors.

Even Fitbit – the granddaddy of health trackers – has stepped its game up. You can now outfit many of their trackers with a huge range of custom bands to suit the style you love.

Smart jewelry – it’s not just watches anymore

Smart jewellery comes in basically every form now. Bringing alternatives to traditional necklaces, studs and earrings hoop, rings from places like fjewellery – technology is being implemented in anything we can wear. Like with the Bellabeat above, necklaces give people a little more flexibility in how they wear their trackers. This may potentially cost some sensitivity with things like heart rate tracking, but it gives you more fashion/practicality options.

There are also necklaces that act as extensions of a mobile phone, for people who aren’t interested in fitness tracking. You can buy necklaces that vibrate when you receive a notification, send SOS signals to emergency services, or act as remote camera timers.

Currently, most of the rings and earrings we see simply employ NFC chips to transfer information between smart jewellery and a mobile device. In time, we can expect to see the technology involved become even more advanced.

Upping your game with smart rings

NFC rings represent a fantastic utility item in smart jewellery. They can be configured to meet a range of individual needs, from acting as a house key and opening digital locks to making payments at contactless terminals with a wave of your hand. No more fumbling through pockets for your smartphone – just a flick of the wrist.

Smart jewelry Rings in black and white
Product: OPN from

NFCring has a huge range of ring options. You can also check out RINGPAY through them – a combined wearable payment ring and accompanying app that streamlines and simplifies your spending. They’re premium quality, waterproof, don’t require charging, and can be deactivated with a single button push from the app.

Whether or not smart rings become more than just a novelty for tech lovers remains to be seen, but the future is certainly bright.

Smart watches can do more than ever before

Smartwatches are the OG wearable tech, and they’re certainly keeping with the times of smart jewellery. It’s hard to find a piece of wearable kit that’s quite as perennially useful as a smartwatch. Whether you’re looking to put the functionality of your phone on your wrist or just keep meticulous track of your health trends, there’s a smartwatch for everyone. My first Fitbit was a Charge HR, an extremely low-profile and functional device with the absolute basics of information available. I’ve upgraded to a Versa 3 recently, and they are worlds apart.

Fitbit recently added the ability to monitor whether you or your partner’s snoring is disrupting your sleep, presenting the information alongside your sleep score for the night. It’s not available on every device, but it comes with cute animals representing the noise level – hopefully you don’t get anything too embarrassing!

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Emily September 19, 2022 - 8:02 pm

I’ve only recently begun to delve into the topic of smart jewellery. No, I had a smartwatch for a long time, but recently my husband gave me an NFC ring for my birthday and it turned out to be insanely convenient. Now it became interesting to try other accessories. Particularly interested in earrings hoop and necklaces. Will need to find out more.

Olivia November 6, 2022 - 8:29 pm

The topic of smart jewelry has never really interested me. Ordinary gold or silver bracelets, rings, earrings hoop and other similar accessories have been in my personal collection for a long years, but I thought about buying jewelry of this kind for the first time. Perhaps, the next step will be the buying of NFC format jewelry, especially considering that most of them have an attractive design and go well with any type of clothing. As it turned out, this applies not only to well-known smart watches.


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