Get To the Free Choppa! Comanche Adds Free Multiplayer and New Content

by Chris Camilleri
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Comanche is now available for free – at least with the multiplayer part of the game.

Everyone can simply download this new additional version of the game, familiarize him- or herself with the game in the brand new tutorial, and start competing online against other pilots from all over the world. The Comanche multiplayer experience will be completely free and will offer the full multiplayer content. Players can choose between two different game modes, five different versions of the Comanche attack helicopter, four interesting combat drones, and fight on three large-scale maps. Everyone who bought Comanche in the past will be rewarded with a special skin to show off their status as a Comanche veteran pilot.


Additionally, Comanche will get a new Early Access Update including a full new mission: Operation Fire Sale. Operation Fire Sale will command the pilots to the majestic Alps on board the Horizon variant of the Comanche, equipped with long-range weaponry. The mission is to scout and observe a vital Kude Core military site and make good use of the ranged weapons in dealing devastating blows to the enemy.

Check out the new trailer for the Free Version

Free Multiplayer Feature Overview

  • The full Comanche Multiplayer is now completely for free for all players!
  • Including two unique game modes: Infiltration and Blackbox
  • Show your skills and unlock all five Comanches & four Drones and a ton of skins!
  • Enjoy multiplayer indefinitely, without any limitations.
  • Crossplay: Compete with pilots using the Steam Full version

New Tutorial

  • Players are introduced to the basic functions of Comanches and drones in an all-new flight and combat tutorial.
  • Players learn to use the Prototype Comanche and the Circuit Drone in this tutorial.

Additionally, many improvements have been made to the game – multiplayer matches are loading much faster, new sounds have been added, the UI has been updated, and much more. You can find all changes in the patch notes:…

You can get the new free multiplayer version of Comanche here:

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