Georifters Gifts Galore! First free content update available now

by Chris Camilleri
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Video game publisher Leoful and Taipei-based indie developer Busy Toaster Games, today have released the free content update for their terrain bending adventure Georifters. Here is a breakdown on what’s on offer:

NEW OUTFITS!! Since the Georifter heroes are big fans of horror movies and it’s Friday the 13th they’ve dressed up in an all new spooky themed costume set! Each wickedly delightful costume really is one of a kind. Chief might be too much of an idiot to be scary, but his nightmare clown costume will definitely unsettle you. It’s downright dismaying!

And Dr. Schnoz even got into the spirit by sticking his head inside a jack-o-lantern. Or replaced his head with a jack-o-lantern? No one is sure which – spooky stuff!

Every single Georifter has gotten into the spirit of the season and found just the right costume to send a shiver down your spine. So come check out these fantastically frightful costumes!

More information on Georifters:
Georifters is a platform manipulating adventure game where players must push, flip, twist or turn the terrain to overcome challenges and battle competitors in hundreds of stages in single-player, co-op or multiplayer modes. 

In the Georifters’ story mode, you play as Candy as she navigates the six bubble worlds (each inspired by one of the human senses) all currently destabilizing due to a threat to each of their existence. Candy must tactically manipulate platforms to defeat the havoc inciting creatures that have been unleashed. 

These six fantastical worlds consist of 30+ levels with 300+ stages, with seven different heroes to discover along the way, each with their own individual special way of manipulating the terrain. Use these skills to unearth hidden items, unlock power ups to upgrade your champions’ unique abilities and customise their look with over 50 different costume combinations to choose from.

The digital version of Georifters is available on Nintendo eShop in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong for $29.99 / £27.50 / €31.90.

For more information about Georifters, be sure to check out their website.

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