How to access geo-blocked gaming content

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We’re not going to lie; we love gaming. You could argue that it’s now a part of everyday life. Gaming on consoles, smartphones and handhelds have opened it up to a massive audience, and it’s a great way to relax, have fun and generally enjoy yourself. The only thing that’s missing from making it completely perfect is the ability to access geographically-restricted gaming content. But there is a remedy for that.

Try them all

It would be nice to think that you can enjoy any game anywhere, but that’s not always the case. Even back in the 90s, on consoles like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, there were different geographical versions of the cartridges. The frustration of getting a game only to find out it doesn’t work because it’s only fit for a console in another country! To this day, you get the same sinking feeling as many games are restricted to specific countries or regions.

But you don’t have to let gamers in other countries enjoy the games that you can’t. Nor do you have to fork out loads on travel costs just to get to places to try out games. Instead, you can use a VPN and enjoy a new, massive selection of games that would normally be geo-blocked.

The Game Genie of lifting restrictions

Before pressing up, up, down, down, left, right, a, b, or entering codes in the pause menu, there was the Game Genie. A nice add on to your console which lets you put your cheat codes in and help you on those tricky games. In a similar vein, a VPN is your own cheat device that lets you bypass geo-restricted content so you can enjoy many more games.

If you want to see more about what a VPN is and how it helps protect your data, personal information, and more, then go off and explore. But if you want to know how it will open up your gaming world by lifting geographically-restricted content, then hang about right here.

The Sega Genesis Game Genie Cartridge, it helped lift restrictions around gaming content such as geographiocal location

Explore the world

So to speak. A VPN lets you access the internet from a different server. Instead of going online from your IP address that’s associated with your home and region, you’ll go online from a different country. You’ll be able to go onto game stores and find games that were previously unavailable. With so many different servers to choose from, that means a load more different countries too. So you can explore the gaming world from the comfort of your own home whilst the stores you visit believe you to be in a different geographical location.

Try it on different devices

However you like playing, a VPN can help you explore new games. If you’re avid about mobile gaming and play from a smartphone or tablet, you’ll notice a massive improvement when using a VPN. On the different stores like the Microsoft Store, you’ll have access to games and apps from the country that you log in from, straightway giving you more games to download and enjoy.

You can also use a VPN on consoles too, such as PlayStations or Xboxes. While you can’t download them onto the device themselves, you can use a VPN router to do the job. This is an efficient method as the router will offer the same VPN benefits but for all connected devices. Smartphones, tablets and consoles that use the internet through the router will be able to go online via different servers based in numerous geographical locations. So you’ll be able to access games abroad but from the Xbox at home.

A nifty trick that a VPN allows you to do is to find better prices online. When you visit a website or game store from a different server, you’ll notice the different prices between geographic regions. You can use this to your advantage to search for the best prices for games.

Easy to use

You want it to be easy to play games. If it’s laborious, it takes away the fun of it. Thankfully, using a VPN isn’t tough to use. Whether you’re getting just once licence to use on your tablet or a VPN router, you can easily set it up and configure it for use. Save a list of your favoured servers in whichever geographic region and access them with just a tap of the screen. You can then get stuck into gaming, and the process of using your VPN will be second nature before you know it.

With super-fast speeds and access to servers across the globe, a VPN is all you need to get your hands on all those great games abroad. And it’s a lot cheaper than airline tickets.

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