The Endless Winter of Frostpunk Finally Makes Its Way to macOS

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Frostpunk, the popular society survival, city-building sim from 11 bit studios is releasing today for the macOS and is available on both the Mac App Store and Steam. This much-anticipated macOS version of the game will also be available as Frostpunk: Complete Edition, which will include three expansions.

Watch the MacOS launch trailer below:

The heat provided by a steam-powered generator provides a means for life in game’s entirely frozen world. Erecting a city from a snowy wasteland requires steady leadership, and while you cannot forget about the welfare of your society, optimization and resource management often clash with empathy and thoughtful decision-making. What will you do to ensure your people’s survival? And who will you become in the process?

You could say that today hell finally freezes over. Delivering Frostpunk to macOS users took us much more time than initially planned. We are grateful for the patience and all the support we received from our community along the way. And we firmly believe that the wait was worth it.

Aleksander Kauch, Senior Engineering Lead at 11 bit studios
Frostpunk artwork as the game is now available on MacOS

Alongside its release on macOS, three expansions are available now as well. Two of the expansions broaden the lore and story of the game’s universe and one adds new features to the game:

  • The Last Autumn serves as a prequel story, set before New London’s rise told in the base game.
  • On The Edge continues the story where the original game ended.
  • The Rifts adds a new endless mode map and a new constructible structure – The Bridge.

Check out the links below for more information on the macOS version of Frostpunk:

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