EPOS Unveils Exclusive Esports Masterclasses Bundle

by Chris Camilleri
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Selected EPOS gaming headsets to include access to exclusive esports masterclasses 

Premium gaming audio brand EPOS has revealed a first-of-its-kind masterclass live stream series to benefit videogame enthusiasts who wants to get an exclusive peek into the world of professional gaming from some of the best players in the world. With four unique and detailed masterclasses led by representatives from renowned organizations Cloud9, OPL/LCS, BLAST, North and SK Gaming, each lesson focuses on looking behind the curtain into the professional landscape of the esports industry. Participants will also receive exclusive tips and tricks to take their game to the next level for popular titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and League of Legends. All four esports Masterclasses are complimentary with the purchase of one of EPOS’ premium gaming headsets.  


As a leader in pioneering audio within the gaming category, EPOS has teamed with esports experts to deliver unique content and opportunities for its community. Masterclass participants will learn performance-boosting tips and tricks from renowned organizations including Cloud9, OPL/LCS, BLAST, North and SK Gaming, including pro players Zven, Jenax and Gade. Each class will be hosted by popular esports host and personality Freya Spiers.   

“The introduction of the EPOS Esports Masterclasses is another strong step forward in creating a welcoming environment for gamers who are interested in maximizing their gaming experience,” said Maja Sand-Grimnitz, Head of Global Marketing, Gaming at EPOS. “Paired with our gaming headsets built on 115 years of audio innovation, we are confident this new set of tools will set fans of The Power of Audio up for success.” 

The broadcast schedule for the Masterclass series: 

  • CS:GO (8 p.m. GMT on Saturday, Jan. 9) – Overviews the fundamentals on setup, aiming, movement and other general tips from seasoned professional players and veterans 
  • League of Legends (7 a.m. GMT on Saturday, Jan. 9) – Teaches tricks and strategies to instantly improve team-based MOBA gameplay 
  • The secret to success (8 p.m. GMT on Saturday, Jan. 16) – Unveils the regiment applied by the pros to succeed through balancing training, staffing and staying healthy 
  • Deep dive into the world of esports (8 a.m. GMT onTuesday, Jan. 19) – Get the latest insights and knowledge on the esports scene  

From November 23 to December 31, 2020, purchase an EPOS I SENNHEISER GSP 300 Series headset, a GSP 500 or GSP 600 Series headset and gain access to exclusive EPOS Esports Masterclasses. During this limited-time promotion, the GSP 300 Series is offered at a promotional price. 

More details about the exclusive GSP 300 Series and GSP 370 price promotion and the esports Masterclasses can be found on the official EPOS website and at EPOS product retailers.   

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