Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Preview

by Chris Camilleri
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The platforming genre has been revitalized in recent months thanks to some excellent titles that have given new life to one of the earliest genres of games. This can be attributed to a number of factors, namely fun gameplay mechanics, great graphics or an engrossing story, and you rarely find a title which includes all three. Ender Lilies, newly released on Steam Early Access, is one such gem.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights, published by Binary Haze Interactive, immediately struck me due to its gorgeous art style, and getting my hands on the game I was even more impressed with the overall experience of the game, albeit being only a couple of chapters long in the Early Access build. You basically play a little girl, Lily, who is a priestess with her task saving the world from the darkness and corruption which is enveloping throughout. Lily herself is powerless, but she gains the abilities of the Knights she cleanses throughout her journey to aid her in battle.

ender lilies

Ender Lilies is a beautiful 2D sidescrolling platformer, where the main emphasis of the game is the ability to control spirits to attack. Defeating a boss-type enemy results in Lily purifying the enemy and gaining its ability in the process. These spirits can then be equipped in resting points spread throughout the levels, in sets of 3. These configurations can only be set at these rest points, so you’d be better in testing out the newfound abilities before continuing your journey.

Spread throughout the game world are also collectibles in the forms of documents, and charms which may be equipped to boost stat effects or even increase the amount of equippable charms. These can once again be modified at rest areas, so be sure to make all the adjustments needed when venturing into a similar area as your equipment will start making the difference very early on in the game.

What is surely one of Ender Lilies’ selling points is the amazing soundtrack which accompanies Lily during her adventure. The music is fully composed and performed by Japanese band Project Mili, who among others in their resume have even contributed tracks to hugely popular anime Goblin Slayer. The mix between quiet tunes and ominous themes is very evident throughout the music within the game, creating an incredible blend between audio and video that few other games have managed to do in recent memory. Boss enemy music is also top-notch, delivering that extra adrenaline while not straying from the mood of the game itself, making for the most epic of scores at the background of each major fight.

Binary Haze have sown the seeds for Ender Lilies’ success, and if its growth continues on the same wave of the first chapters available in the Early Access build, it will definitely bloom into something special. The game is currently only playable until the third chapter, but with the full game eyeing a spring release, it should not be too long until we get our hands on the whole thing. I cannot wait to continue my journey further into the world of Ender Lilies, and keep unravelling the mysteries of Lily and the other priestesses of this world!

Grab the game now on Steam Early Access!

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