Eldest Souls Slashes Onto More Platforms, Set for Q2 2021

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Fallen Flag Studio and United Label are proud to announce that the intense boss-rush action game, Eldest Souls, is coming to current and previous generation platforms at launch, alongside the previously announced Nintendo Switch and PC versions.

The reception to Eldest Souls, which pairs the most intense elements of Souls-like and classic action games with a gritty and beautiful pixel art style, reached incredible heights in 2020. Players rejoiced when the game was announced for Nintendo Switch, and in December, the Fallen Flag team took home the Retro Roots award at Pixel Heaven’s Pixel Awards Europe 2020. Now, the studio has an opportunity to bring Eldest Souls to an even greater number of bloodthirsty players on PlayStation and Xbox, when it releases on new-gen platforms in the second quarter of this year.

Over the last year, we’ve been hard at work making Eldest Souls the best it can be. The response to the trailers and the demo during the Steam Game Festival lit a fire under us and we’re further excited by the chance to bring this experience to even more players. We can’t wait to see Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players challenge the Old Gods.

Francesco Barsotti, Fallen Flag Studo Co-Founder and Programmer
Eldest Souls gameplay

In Eldest Souls, the Old Gods have broken free from their long imprisonment, and are determined to wreak a terrible vengeance on all those who defied them. Unleashing a great Desolation upon the world, farmlands turn to deserts, rivers to dust. One final hope for humanity remains; players must take on the role of a lone warrior. A lone warrior with a single mission…

Slay them all.

  • The Old Gods – Slaying Gods is no easy task. Players must prepare for increasingly challenging – yet fair – encounters. Each God will present a unique conflict, but unique powers and abilities await those who triumph. 
  • Your Build. Your Rules. – Players can adapt their playstyle against each Old God thanks to a unique character progression system. By combining different powers and abilities, players are able to create hundreds of unique builds!
  • A Dying World. – Eldest Souls is set in an ancient, crumbling Citadel, the former prison of the Old Gods. This monument to humanity’s hubris has long been forgotten, and something dark has taken root deep within.

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