Edifier TWS1 Pro wireless earbud review

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Another day, another Edifier review – this time we’re taking a look at the TWS1 Pro earbuds, a true wireless set with a surprising amount of features packed into its budget price range. Wireless earbuds in this category can be a tricky thing to get right, and many suffer from connection problems or sound quality dips over time. Has Edifier knocked it out of the park again?


These are just a step above budget headphones – currently retailing for just £49.99 on Amazon. With the release of the TWS1 Pro, they’ve done away with the glossy finish the previous model had – sparing us the eternal battle against fingerprint smudges. The case itself has an almost textured feel which makes it easier to keep hold of than you might expect, and on average the TWS1 Pro seems surprisingly durable. The charging case is certainly quality enough to withstand a few knocks – it seems like once again Edifier have found a fantastic balance between quality and value for money.

The headphones are accented with subtle gold, which actually makes them look surprisingly good even for someone like me who loathes white peripherals. The case is exceptionally secure, too, with magnets to keep the buds and lid safely in place during transit. So, they might look a little cheap and cheerful, but the construction is durable and safe, and probably a hell of a lot more reliable than other options in this price range.

Edifier TWS1 Pro in woman's ear


The TWS1 Pro set has about twelve hours of battery life from a full charge, and the case brings that total up to 42 listening hours, carrying 24 itself. Muted LEDs indicate charge levels, and I can honestly say that they never died or dipped in quality throughout my testing time. This is an improvement of ten hours over the previous generation, whilst decreasing their charging time to just forty minutes.

They come with an IP65 rating for protection against rain, dust and sweat – it’s been a while since I’ve had an intense workout but I’d say that while the TWS1 Pro is definitely ergonomic and snug-fitting, they don’t have quite enough extra grip to do the job as gym headphones. They come with three different sizes of ear tip, and I imagine most people would be able to find a secure fit with those options. The moisture safety rating might protect them from sweat, but not from getting washed off your head and smashed underfoot on a treadmill.

Sound quality itself is an overall winner – it’s not perfect across the board, though. My three main genres of music basically boil down to metal, rock and electronic, and the latter definitely sounded the best through the TWS1 Pro. It was in the mid-range where certain notes seemed to be getting lost or muddied with guitar and vocals. Highs and lows were mostly okay, although bass only sounded particularly clear in tracks where it was already an exaggerated presence.

Wireless connectivity is fantastic. I could walk around my house, leaving my phone at the opposite end, and never really experience any drop-off in quality. They’re simple as anything to pair to your phone via bluetooth, and the sound quality remains constant for quite some distance.

Edifier TWS1 Pro open case


Edifier’s TWS1 Pro earbuds are a fantastic cheaper option if you’re looking for wireless headphones. They’re built to last, easy to use, and all-around reliable. Looking for wireless earbuds on Amazon around this price area is definitely a bit of a minefield, as the site is flooded with cheaply made generic brands with unreliable reviews. They’re a touch more expensive than some of the generic options, but in my opinion, Edifier is a brand you can trust, and that’s definitely worth the extra £10. For the features, they’ve crammed in and the considerable refinements that have been made, you really can’t go wrong. You can pick up a set of TWS1 Pro from Tech4 for £49.99.


The TWS1 Pro is a superb addition to Edifier‘s audio line-up – they might not compete with higher-priced models in terms of all-round sound quality, but what they produce will be more than satisfactory for consumer level audio. The IP65 rating and solid magnetic carrying case build ensures that they’ll last you a long time, and excellent battery life/range make them perfect for day-to-day use. On a personal level, it was quite disappointing that the sound quality didn’t seem as sharp on some of my favourite genres, but I can’t fault the TWS1 Pro as a relatively cheap and fully-featured all-rounder.

This is a handsome upgrade to the core TWS1, bringing Edifier‘s trademark premium feel to a product that won’t break the bank.

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