Easy to Play Games for College Students to Decrease Stress from Studying

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When you are in college, you are bound to experience stressful situations. The lectures and online assignments do not seem to end, and eventually, there will come a time when your body will scream for a break from all the havoc.

The Witness

Playing games is an effective technique to get your mind off from the educational pressure of college. Make sure you choose easy to play games as you do not want to fall down the rabbit hole of stress while solving extremely challenging puzzles. You can start by playing the Witness game. Its is a first-person puzzle game and takes only around thirty minutes. This means that it is not only less time-consuming but relaxes your senses at the same time. After a busy week, you can hire a genuine website to write my essay while you enjoy some free time and play Witness.

The game launches on an island which is divided into eleven different sections. This ensures that you will not get bored and will be able to enjoy the game. The interphase is further colourful and lively, which keeps you engrossed in the game. It is also free of complicated instructions, and this means that you will not have to spend time understanding the gameplay. As you advance in the game, the levels increase in intensity to feel relaxed rather than build further stress. Having said that, as you complete a level, you feel excited and accomplished.


If you have an extended college assignment with a short deadline, you may feel the rage building up inside. It would be best if you got that out of your system to be in a better position to write your essay with a fresh mind. Half-life is one of the best stress relief games to play in such situations. The game has a whole series so can be sure that you can keep playing until you have released all the built-up stress. In this game, you are shut in a scientific laboratory after a blunder in an experiment.

So you have to find your way out of the scientific laboratory. Now here comes the stress-reducing activity, as you head out of the lab, you will encounter countless bad guys. You have to kill them mercilessly to make your way out. This will bring a drastic downfall in your tension levels and make you forget about submissions’ distress

You will be better positioned to think and may even decide to hire online help for your assignments. As your stress hormones release lessens, you will have a better sleep at night and get up fresh the following day. This not only improves your focus capability but also keeps you healthy and happy throughout the day.


Some college students prefer educational games for anxiety, which is even better because you are learning even when you are not! Not only will you feel light, but you will also improve your skills at the same time. You will further feel no remorse about wasting your time on games. One of the educational yet relaxing games is Pandemic. Not only does the game boosts your cognition but also develops a better IQ. So while playing, you are in reality, developing specific skills that will render helpful in the future. It also serves as a platform to enrich your planning capabilities and educates you to think critically while making decisions.

These skills boost your confidence and increase your chances of getting successful both academically and in practical life. As your stress releases, you will have abetter sleep and enable you to rise fresh and all pumped up for the day. In college, you will not get sleepy during the classes and will finally understand the lecture with full concentration. Furthermore, you will also be able to manage time for sports and other hobbies. By playing relaxing games online, you will have a happier life, and you will learn never to lose focus from the task.


You need not worry about getting bored while playing Pandemic online because you have another fun game that you can try. If you are looking for exciting ways to improve your vocabulary, you can play scrabble. Many of us are already familiar with the game, but you can still learn now even if you have not tried it before. It is no rocket science, and all you have to do is come up with words that fit your pattern.

Initially, it might take some time to think and may even become irritating for new learners, but as you proceed, you realize that scrabble is one of the best stress-relieving games you can come across. This board game allows multiple players rendering it a perfect choice to play during a slumber with your girlies or around a bonfire with your cousins. The fact that it improves your IQ is a bonus and along with taking your anxiety away.


If you are more interested in fighting and shooting and want to let your anger out, then Doom is your go-to game. Every college student functions differently and has a unique way of relieving stress. Some students like to play soothing games like scrabble and Pandemic while for others, there can be no better anxiety relief games other than shooting and killing simulations.

If you have had a tough day at college and have chores even after pack up, you need to cut yourself some slack. Hire resume writing services under $100 to complete your resume or articles and play an easy and relaxing game in the meantime.  In this way, you will be in a better position to work the next day.

Alan Wake

Though the game is about trying to break free from the traps, the name suggests otherwise. In this game the famous writer Alan Wake finds himself caught up in an unpleasant situation and he needs to get out of there immediately. This free of stress game has such a plot that your interest stays at the highest level, and you will want to learn more and more about how the story unfolds. The various seasons of the game make it feel as if you are living in a story. Due to this reason, it has been rightly rated as one of the top twenty-five video games in SyFy Wire.


People have been playing games for hundreds of years. They are not only an effective means to boost self-esteem but also aid in relieving stress. If you ever face academic pressure at college, you can count on easy to play games for college students to decrease stress levels and be your knight in the shining armour.

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