DwarfHeim – Merge Games reveal a brand new title

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Merge Games have revealed their new title DwarfHeim to the world, a Multi-Player RTS like you’ve never played before!

DwarfHeim is a competitive real-time strategy and city builder game. 1-4 players build, manage and defend a Dwarven city against the constant threat of feral trolls and rivalling dwarven clans, which can be another online team of 4 players. DwarfHeim is the first RTS game of its kind and features co-op multiplayer gameplay; you and your team must work together using different classes and abilities to gather resources, expand and defend your city.

DwarfHeim Features

  • Competitive & Co-op Multiplayer – Team up with 3 other players in Conquest, a competitive multiplayer game mode. Tear through the enemy team’s defences and destroy their town hall!
  • Build, Mine, Defend and Manage – Choose your own strategies, units, buildings and technology that best suits you and your team. 
  • 4 Unique Classes – Choose from Builder, Miner, Warrior and Diplomat!
  • Single-Player Experience:
    • Sandbox mode – Explore a vast, open area in the single-player.  Build your own experience and play alone or with up to 3 friends in the slow-paced sandbox mode.
    • Survival mode – Test your strategies and strength with up to 3 friends or mystic strangers and try to outlive all of the troll waves coming your way in the Survival mode.Sandbox mode – Explore a vast, open area in single player…
  • Ranked Matchmaking – Rank up by winning competitive matches and face players that match your skill level.
  • Friend-Pass – Invite your friends along to play onFriend-pass is a free downloadable client of DwarfHeim that allows you to invite your friends to a lobby, even if they haven’t purchased the game!
DwarfHeim gameoplay showing a camp being built

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