Cruise the skies of Cloudpunk on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as the game arrives across retail stores today!

by Chris Camilleri
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Cloudpunk Console Launch Trailer

Cloudpunk offers the freedom of open-world games, but with a hyper-focus that results in fulfilling interactions with the many denizens of the cyberpunk city of Nivalis. As delivery driver Rania, players will tackle her first night on the job and interact with a diverse cast of characters either by driving or walking around on foot. There are mysteries to unravel in this narrative-driven sci-fi world and players’ choices can make a lasting impact on Nivalis’ inhabitants.


A stunning voxel graphics art style brings the open-world city of Nivalis to life as Cloudpunk delivers a vibrant, futuristic open world to live in and explore. From the underground nightclubs to the gardens in the sky, the title combines exploration with narrative to provide a compelling take on the cyberpunk genre.

Retail versions of Cloudpunk can be found via the Signature Edition store here. including both Standard and Signature Edition versions.

You can find out all the latest on Cloudpunk across the Merge Facebook
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