Could These Popular Games Ever Make It into Esports?

by MaddOx
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Ask anyone even a few years ago if it would ever be possible for video games to become a major spectator sport and they would probably have answered “no”. In fact, they would have been incredulous if you told them that not only would esports become a global phenomenon but there would be a group of players who would not just become famous, they’d also be able to earn millions of pounds doing what they loved best.

But now that it is well established, the search is always on for the next types of games that are going to rise up alongside the big favourites like Dota 2, League of Legends and Call of Duty.

Given the surprises that have brought us this far with esports, could it be possible that online bingo games and other online casino favourites could soon be making an appearance? In the case of bingo, it’s certainly a more captivating experience than you would first expect. The leading sites have worked hard to create all kinds of different games including some that have tie-ins with popular TV shows like Deal or No Deal or leading slots games like Rainbow Riches.

And, while there may not be a huge amount of skill involved in playing online bingo, it’s undoubtedly a captivating scene as players gradually fill up their cards until one lucky person carries off the big prize. Yes, it might not be quite the size of first place prizes in the biggest esports tournaments, there could still be quite a lot at stake.

Esports Gaming Hall

Edge of your seat viewing

Of course, there are a number of other online casino games that could make for an equally entertaining spectacle, as well as allowing for some betting on the players who are betting themselves.

Take roulette as an example. In a land-based casino, this is a game that generally attracts quite a few spectators drawn by the drama of watching that little white ball spin around the wheel before dropping into place. It’s quite easy to imagine this becoming a quite mesmerising spectacle verging on providing the pleasure that some people get from ASMR videos.

Then there’s blackjack – an altogether tenser watch than roulette, especially if a hidden camera shows you the player’s hand and you try to second-guess whether he should hit or stick.

Roulette wheel at a live casino

Poker lessons from the pros

But it’s another card game that really does seem tailor-made for e-sports and that is online poker. As a game that already has big money tournaments like the World Series of Poker held in Vegas each year, the structure is already there for esports to have major competitions of its own. And watching the professionals at work could also be a big help for amateur players wanting to sharpen up their game.

So look out for what could be a number of very exciting developments in the world of esports and, if it does ever happen, remember that you read it here first.

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