Black Powder Red Earth 1.0 Date Announcement

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Black Powder Red Earth — a single-player turn-based tactics game where players lead a kill team of special operations contractors – goes full send with version one point zero dropping on 30th March.

Pushing out on Steam for Windows and Mac, the indie title launches at $20 bucks a copy.

Black Powder Red Earth 8Bit War Launch Trailer

The 8-bit War – About the Game

Black Powder Red Earth is set during a proxy war between the dictatorship of a failing state and a brutal jihadist insurgency. Isolating minute-to-minute decision-making, BPRE is a laser-focused, no-frills tactical experience that follows four key principles.

  • Speed is security
  • Don’t fight the whole city
  • Never go into a fight with only one gun
  • Keep shooting until the target changes shape or catches fire

There are no tech-trees, base-building, or role-playing elements. Only fire and maneuver to fix and finish your targets. Poor planning or the application of “video game” tactics will kill every one of your assaulters. Without fail.

With a year in early access to tune gameplay, refine the UI and add features; the one point zero release includes:

  • Campaign Mode – Story-driven kill-no capture operations, complete with cutscenes (more on this later).
  • Operations Mode – One-off high threat missions conducted in one of six unique operations areas.
  • Tutorial – A fully interactive in-game tutorial that teaches players the fundamentals of the title.
  • Audio Redesign – With newly crafted sound effects and an expanded soundtrack by guitarist, Takafumi Matsubara (Mortalized, GridLink).
Black Powder Red Earth gameplay artwork

Murdering Hearts and Minds – The Black Powder Red Earth Collection

Black Powder Red Earth launched as an Amazon best-selling graphic novel series that led DC think tank The Atlantic Council to invite series creator and game designer Token to speak on a panel alongside author Max Brooks (World War Z) and Dr. Erin Simpson, CEO/President of national strategic design consultants Caerus Associates.

Black Powder Red Earth 28mm is an upcoming tabletop miniatures war game grown out of years of working closely with some of the top special operations training companies in the National Defense space to include Haley Strategic, Northern Red, Fieldcraft Survival, Guerrilla Approach, and capabilities provider BCM.

Unforgiving Close Combat in a War-Torn Sprawl – Version 1.0 Campaign

Offered originally as a series of single-serving operations with minimal narrative, the new campaign is a string of 12 single-player story-driven missions, complete with cutscenes designed and produced in the style of the graphic novels.

Hunt down three high-value targets – operational emirs of the jihadist Shadow Emirate – with full lethal authority.

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