Here Are The Biggest Games Coming Out In 2021

by MaddOx
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Games are gaining popularity across the world. With various gaming and casino platforms gaining immense popularity, many people have started to join these fun games. 2021 is a golden year for these gaming platforms and despite a few big hits coming out already like Outriders, there are still plenty of games yet to be released into the market.

This is the best time to join the ride by using the Energy Casino Promo Code, provided that you are interested in venturing into the world of online casino games or if you are looking for games that do not involve betting, you have got a plethora of other options to choose from! 

As the technology gets more and more advanced, new games are being released with better graphics and interface. Make sure you have your eyes over them, especially if you are a gaming geek.

School Child playing games with Family


If mysteries and time travel have always been your passion, Returnal is your best bet. Returnal is all about finding a way to survive the extremities of a shape-shifting world. This third-person shooter game is seen from Selena’s point of view! And well, you are back to square one if you do not find a way to stay alive and end up dying.

From the high-class graphics to the roguelike elements, this game is designed to help you seek that thrill and adrenaline rush you have always craved for. Besides, this game is seamlessly brought to life with the mind-blowing visuals and the dark beauty of a decaying world that builds suspense and keeps your mind glued to it.

Resident Evil Village

Be ready to be blown by this sensational sequel of Resident Evil 7 that captivates you with its hardcore graphics and thriller elements.

A fusion of kidnapping, puzzle-solving, combat, and exploration are all wrapped up in this horror game. And the best part is that you do not have to wait for much longer because this game can be unboxed on the 7th of May! Be entranced by the world of vampires, castles, and darkness!

Scary big vampire lady from Resident Evil Village


Does escaping an assassin sound fun to you? Or does being an assassin in a game sound exciting? Because Deathloop has both of them covered. Escape the clutches of your assassin and at the same time kill eight visionaries scattered around the island to escape the time loop. Want a way out of this time loop that resets every day? Make this task possible then! 

Horizon Forbidden West 

Set on a brilliant adventure with compelling tasks. Venture into the lands of robotic beasts and wrap yourself in a game of mystery and expedition. Dangers are everywhere, but do you have the capability to escape them? To find out, all you have to do is wait till Autumn arrives!


So these are some of the best upcoming online games that are worth a try; perhaps you might find that raw and unadulterated form of ecstasy that you were looking for! After all, they are your refreshing getaways where you can unravel and lay back!

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