The Absolute Best of Sci-Fi Games

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The sci-fi genre has given us glimpses of all kinds of possible variants of the future. It has done so in the form of books, movies, TV shows as well as video games. In fact, video games are the only medium that lets you take an active role in a reimagining of the future. There’s an allure when it comes to the future as it’s the realm of the unknown which is why so many game developers have fun with it and once they’re done they let gamers all over the world experience such games.

 So far, there have been lots of sci-fi titles some belonging to franchises while others being standalone titles. Some of them stand out from the crowd which is why they have a huge fan following. You’ve probably heard of some of these titles, but not all of them. So, if you’re looking for the absolute best of sci-fi games here are some suggestions:


This is a modern addition to the genre of sci-fi. In this game, you take the role of Morgan Yu, a recruit whose job is to help the crew of Talos I to battle the Typhoon. When one of the Typhoon specimens breaks out Morgan is knocked out and he awakes to find out that he’s been living in a simulated environment. January, a protocol, is what guides him through the facility.

The thing about the Typhoon is that they’re shape-shifting aliens so they can be everywhere. They also take on upgraded and more dangerous forms and your job is to stop them. You’ll get to craft all kinds of items and besides the usual weapons, you’ll get a GLOO fun which lets you glue these aliens to the spot for a short time. It’s a well-designed game that offers a captivating story which is why it’s worth playing.

Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout franchise is well-known in the gaming industry which is why New Vegas is one of the best sci-fi games to play. You’ll visit a post-apocalyptic Vegas and go over all kinds of hurdles this kind of life has to offer. There will be warring factions and plenty of missions for you to complete. If you feel like it, you can even hit the new casinos on the Strip and try your luck.

Vegas is essential to the casino industry nowadays although the majority of casino games are available online. Casino enthusiasts can enjoy all kinds of games and even use bonus codes like the bet365 bonus UK code which isn’t just available to UK players but to players all over the world. The important thing to note about visiting such sites, playing the offered games and making use of bonuses is to do so responsibly.

When it comes to the casinos in New Vegas you can earn bottle caps, the game’s currency, to buy all kinds of gear or upgrade your own. If you happen to make it to the top, then you’ll get access to some pretty sweet suites that each resort has to offer.

Blackjack in Sci-fi game Fallout New Vegas

Dead Space

With Dead Space, the developers mixed in some horror along with the sci-fi but the blend works as this is another superb game. You take the role of Isaac, an engineer sent along with a crew to investigate a mining facility. Once you get there you find out that it’s in need of repair and you’ll need to fix the facility to find out what’s going on.

Nicole, your girlfriend is the one that sent you the message to get there and you’re looking to find her and get her out of there. In the first mission, you’ll meet the Necromorphs, the creatures that are all over the facility. As you battle through them you’ll learn about the mysterious Marker artefact and make sure to move it away from the facility.

You’ll find out what happened in the facility, the role of the Marker and the truth about Nicole. For a horror game, Dead Space is revolutionary because it doesn’t stick to the headshot mechanic. When you’re facing the creatures you’ll need to cut off their limbs to incapacitate them. Also, it’s one of the few games that doesn’t have loading screens which makes it even better.

Half-Life 2

The second Half-Life game is an example of how to make a game sequel and an excellent game. You take on the role of Gordon Freeman again as G-man awakes you from stasis. After the incident at Black Mesa, the Earth was conquered by an alien species known as the Combine which combine humans and other species. It’s a dystopian world and the people are looking to take the Combine down and your job is to help them do this. A captivating story and interesting gameplay are the things this game has to offer. You won’t worry much about the visuals when the game sucks you in.

These are only some of the best sci-fi games out there and they will keep you entertained and engaged. We’ve reviewed plenty of other sci-fi games on the site, and you’ll find all those in our review section.

Think we’ve missed some sci-fi titles you believe deserve to be on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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