The Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Gamer Girlfriend

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Ever had trouble with gifts and ideas of what to do with your partner who is a gamer? Here’s some helpful tips that could make life a lot easier.

Your anniversary is important to celebrate since it gives you both the chance to focus on each other rather than the challenges that make up daily living. Whether that is a focus on work or career, juggling family responsibilities whilst ensuring a roof over your head and food on the table is maintained, or you just don’t kill each other playing video games. Your anniversary is a day to appreciate your gamer partner and the relationship you have and what she adds to your life.

Milestone anniversaries

Your gamer girlfriend will have her gaming station fixed up for maximum enjoyment and whilst she may spend a lot of time taming dragons there is always space for something special from her significant other, particularly when it comes to milestone dates like your 25th anniversary. Add a romantic touch to this with a real rose preserved in silver, the precious metal that represents that year and a gift that will last a lifetime, a daily reminder of your love for her and how grateful you are to have her in your life.

Unique gamer gift box of treats

Purchase a gift box in the shape of her favourite gaming device, which you can find online, and create a bespoke snack box filled with energy drinks, her favourite candy, chocolate and other treats. Add in a fun “Gamer at Play” door sign or T-shirt and other small gifts that celebrate her love of gaming and that show your support of her passion, such as a retro Gameboy console phone case, or find the real thing and let her enjoy Tetris, Pac-Man, and Super Mario Bros on it.

It Takes Two - Cody and May flying in the wind on a dandelion

Relationship goals video games

One of the ways to celebrate an anniversary with a gamer is to share a hobby that she has, especially if this is not one that you share the rest of the year. There are many video games which offer relationship goals that you and she can share, though you will not have to fight demons to achieve them. Here are a couple of suggested video games that show how far some men will go for their woman:

James and Mary: Silent Hill 2

James Sunderland travels to Silent Hill after receiving a strange letter from his wife Mary asking him to meet her in their ‘special place’ there. James has no recollection of such a space in the town, and the letter is also strange because Mary has been dead for three years. Yet James faces all manner of demons in the search for his dead lover, hoping against all odds to find her alive.

Dom and Maria: Gears of War

Soldier Dominic Santiago and his wife Maria have lost two children and since then, Maria has fallen into a severe depression. One day, she goes out for a walk and never returns. Dom is heartbroken but is willing to fight through evil to find his love.

Esports tournament or event

Esports tournaments are exciting, as teams duel in games like League of Legends, Overwatch and Fortnite. You can book a place for her to play or spectate. Watching the best teams in the world will let your gamer girlfriend witness expert strategy and skills. There are many Esports events, with many now showing on ESPN, so if travel is not possible, consider a subscription to this broadcaster so she can watch her favourite games, whether it be the Call of Duty World League, Evolution Championship Series or FIFA Interactive World Cup.

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