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Exclusive Interview with Streamer Jay Caullay

So far we’ve only interviewed Indie Developers but we wanted to branch out a little, bring you guys something new to sink your teeth into. Thus, welcome to our first Q&A with a Streamer. Whether it be Twitch or YouTube, so many people are now streaming their gameplay online for others to see; some show their competitive skills, some like to show bugs and glitches to bring laughter into our lives and others use these platforms to do video game reviews. So without further ado, here is the chat we just had with up and coming streamer Jay Caullay.

Hello and welcome to Full Sync Gaming. Let’s start with a small introduction of yourself.

I’m Jay, 27, from the UK and have been gaming for years and years! I’ve been streaming and uploading broadcasts and videos since late June and am approaching 1500 follows on twitch. With every single one of them an amazing figure of support!

What was it that got you into Streaming games?

I liked the idea of broadcasting to others, like sharing a game you enjoy with a room full of interested people. Twitch being a fantastic platform for doing it, without the mess and a trashed house. I have a friend who is absolutely fantastic at what he does who streams as a full-time job, who without him I probably wouldn’t be doing it at all. So with that, I would say with help from (Twitch: JNainu) I wouldn’t be where I am today streaming for people around the world!

 And what kind of style do you go for in your streams? Are you quite a laid back let’s have some fun kind of guy, or do you take things very seriously?

I don’t play competitively in the majority of my games so a lot of the time it’s a very laid back relaxing stream. Comprised of interaction with anybody who’s joining or returning to the stream. I think it helps I’m a calm person who just likes to be themselves and the people who are regulars in the chat are of a very similar mindset, they both go hand in hand in setting the mood!

So what games is it you mainly play then? Do you have a favourite genre?

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  • Anthony Coyne says:

    Great interview! I know Jay and he is a great streamer and so appreciative of everyone who follows/shows support, so happy that you reached out to interview him.

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