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PUBG Update 6.3 Featuring Panzerfaust Now Live

Season 6 enters its final phase with Update 6.3, now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC servers.

This update brings the latest addition to the Battlegrounds armoury, the punishingly powerful Panzerfaust! This devastating launcher is only available on Karakin, and can destroy breach points as well as deal significant damage to enemies in an area. As for the rest of PUBG’s signature armaments, we’ve updated and rebalanced the M249, the Tommy Gun, and the UMP-45. In addition, the M249 and DBS will now be world spawn weapons, so keep your eyes on the loot piles to pick one up.

Update 6.3 also features a number of bug fixes and quality of life updates, including the much requested change to invulnerability in Team Deathmatch. Players who respawn will now lose their invulnerability after the time limit or after firing their weapon.

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