World War 3 Receives the WARZONE GIGA PATCH!

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TheFarm 51 are very excited to share that World War 3 is set to receive its largest update since Early Access launch – the WARZONE GIGA PATCH! Apart from many important performance improvements and bugfixes, the latest 0.6 update will deliver brand new content with the addition of two large maps, two weapons, four vehicles, new customization options, and several tweaks to both gameplay and teamwork mechanics.

Farm 51 also want to beckon soldiers who have been waiting for the perfect moment to strike as World War 3 is now available with a 40% discount on Steam Post-Apocalyptic Weekend (May 16-20th)!

Check out the 0.6 update trailer presenting new content & improvements below:

New Content

  • New Forest map – Smolensk
  • New Winter map – Polyarny
  • New weapon – SA-80
  • New weapon – M4 WMS
  • New vehicle – Attack Helicopter Drone
  • New vehicle – IFV AJAX
  • New vehicle – IFV BTR-90
  • New vehicle – MRAP
  • New uniform – British Armed Forces
  • New cosmetics – Winter Camouflages

New Features

  • Overhauled Spotting System – For communication and spotting different kinds of points of interest in combat
  • Voice Chat System – A long-awaited feature that lets players communicate with their squad by pressing and holding down a comms button
  • Mobile Spawn Points – An infantry MRAP vehicle which allows team members to spawn in different map locations
  • Team Radio Improvements – Useful communication system for those without a mic to acknowledge orders, ask for ammo, or thank someone on their team
  • Server Browser – In the last few months, The Farm 51 has greatly reduced stuttering and made World War 3 run much smoother and added some quality of life improvements, like game balance and performance.

A full list of the updates and fixes implemented in the WARZONE GIGA PATCH Update 0.6 is available HERE. The developers are to the community’s feedback and suggestions. Everyone wishing to share their thoughts with us is invited to our World War 3 Official Forum HERE. And if you fancy more news, click right HERE.

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