Wireless Chargers – They don’t have to look nerdy

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Sandberg introduces a range of wireless chargers that are not only top-notch in terms of technology, but also blend in at home.

We all know what a mobile charger looks like normally, and frankly, it is often obvious that professionals have designed them with more focus on technology than design.

This is a shame, as we all need them to be on display at home.

Why not let wireless chargers with FastCharge capability resemble the look of a flat marble stone? That your mobile starts to charge by placing it on a beautiful stone is pure class.

Fabric is not usually a material you will see on mobile chargers. But Sandberg has embraced this in their new and extremely powerful 15W wireless chargers. With its beautiful aluminium edge and fabric-covered surface, it is perfectly elegant to have stood on display.

Sandberg is also launching a 10W FastCharge charger, which comes in the guise of a suction cup that is both a ring and a table stand. A very handy solution.

Martin Hollerup, Managing Director of Sandberg A/S, explains:

A charger is usually discreetly hidden out of the way and only brought out when needed. To be honest, it’s not something you want to be out on display. We would like to change this line of thinking with more Design & Lifestyle oriented products. We have not compromised on quality or performance – we have just taken some really powerful chargers and designed them to be on display at home.

The Wireless Chargers shown are all Qi-compatible and are already available at the first dealers and webshops.

Sandberg’s Wireless Chargers

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