Wired Productions & LKA make generous donation to charity

You may have seen our previous news that Wired Productions and LKA.it have been doing their utmost best with The Town of Light to help raise awareness and donations for Take This, Inc, the mental health awareness charity. Well, today sees another impressive step on behalf of the developer and publisher as they announced that they have donated $10,000 to the charity in an effort to help them offer more support to people who need it.

You may not realise it because it can be masked so well by an individual, but you probably know somebody who suffers from mental health issues. Whether it be anxiety, depression or something less well known, there are people all around you who need help but either are too afraid to ask or just don’t know where to get it. I myself know people who suffer from one thing or another, and it can be as tough on the people who care about those suffering at times, as you stand by helpless just watching your loved ones suffering from little you can do. If you think you know someone who may need help, or would like advice yourself, head on over to www.takethis.org  for more information on what support is there. And if that’s not good enough for you, the guys at FULL SYNC are also here to help in any way we can.

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