Wired Productions announces release dates for highly anticipated adventure games Close to the Sun & Deliver Us The Moon, plus new retail edition of GRIP: Combat Racing

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Award-winning global publisher, Wired Productions is pleased to announce further details on three upcoming titles arriving this autumn for its #GETWIRED community. Delivered in global partnership with indie developers across the Netherlands, Italy, UK, Indonesia and Canada, these three releases form just a part of the eye-catching autumn and holiday line-up from Wired Productions for 2019. Let’s check them out below;

Deliver Us The Moon is Cleared for Lift Off, Get Ready for the Ultimate Astronaut Experience and Grab the Sci-Fi Adventure Epic, October 10th on Steam for Windows PC

The debut title from the ground-breaking Dutch developers, KeokeN Interactive, Deliver Us The Moon arrives on Steam for Windows PC on October 10. Counting down to launch, Deliver Us The Moon is set to take players to new frontiers on a genre-defining journey. Experience huge space stations, lunar settlements and wide-open moonscapes, all brought to life for the very first time with the help of real-time ray tracing technology and Nvidia GeForce RTX.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Deliver Us The Moon is set in an apocalyptic near-future where the Earth’s resources have been depleted and humanity looks to the stars. Nations band together to create the World Space Agency, an organisation tasked with solving the extreme energy crisis. The solution: colonization and exploitation of the Moon’s natural reserves of Helium-3 to serve the energy needs of a growing Earth population. Suddenly, and without warning, communications with the Moon cease and the energy source is lost. Plunged into darkness and without power, years pass as world governments come together once more to embark on a new mission – to re-establish the energy supply and with it hope for the human race.

Deliver Us The Moon will release on October 10th, is available to wish-list now on Steam for Windows PC, and will arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2020.

Get Ready to Step Aboard the Helios and Experience the Teslapunk Adventure Horror, Close to the Sun Launches October 29th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Created by pioneering Italian development studio Storm in a TeacupClose to the Sun transports players to an alternate history defined by the scientific breakthroughs of Nikola Tesla. Rose Archer arrives aboard the Helios where an epic adventure and mystery shrouds the disappearance of her sister Ada and the ship’s crew. Eerie and mesmerizing, the game will arrive for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one entertainment system from Microsoft, and Nintendo Switch on October 29th, digitally and at global physical retail.

To celebrate the upcoming multiplatform release, and as part of Wired’s commitment to delivering outstanding physical products, a Limited Collector’s Edition has been produced to release alongside the standard physical edition of the game. With only 1,000 pieces produced, the Close to the Sun Collector’s Edition is available to pre-order now from the Wired Productions Store.

Close to the Sun is set to release on October 29th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch; and currently available on the Epic Games Store.

The Ultimate Rolling Racer Gets Tongue Twisting New Title, GRIP: Combat Racing AirBlades vs Rollers Ultimate Edition Arrives at Global Retail November 5th

Celebrating a year from its original multiplatform release, the award-winning GRIP: Combat Racing gets a new retail edition with a year’s worth of DLC, wrapped into one affordable package. Created by leading satellite studio Caged Element, GRIP: Combat Racing’s new ultimate edition offers prospective players the perfect opportunity to experience this cut-throat combat racer for the first time, including three garage pack bundles, new Artifex – fighter jet-inspired – vehicles and a year’s worth of updates.

GRIP: Combat Racing Rollers vs AirBlades Ultimate Edition arrives at global physical retail on November 5th.

Wired Productions continues to partner with leading indie developers from around the world to bring inspired and innovative games to market for this generation of global gamers.  The company will make more announcements for its upcoming game launches and campaigns in the coming weeks.

Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions explains:

2019 is a big year for us, and we’re super pumped to confirm release dates for these three incredible games. These titles represent an exciting and vital part of the Wired Productions line-up for the fall and holidays, but we’re not stopping there as we’ll be sharing more news and revealing more announcements so stay tuned.

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