Welcome to the Borderlands: Competition!

by Rebel.Red.Carnation
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Hey guys, as you know we have recently been lucky enough to attend Insomnia 65 where we managed to get our paws on Borderlands 3 and give it a test drive…. For the short amount of time we actually played it we will say this; IT IS AMAZING, the release date is now just around the corner so we acquired a special item from the Borderlands tent. So welcome to the Borderlands Competition.

We will be giving away a special psycho mask so you can be the conductor of your very own ‘poop train’ (hur hur). All you have to do is like and share this post on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Simple as that… Not going to lie, if you’re pre-ordering the game you will spend a bit more to get your hands on one of these bad boys so give it a whirl see if you win, what have you got to lose? Your head? MUAHAHAH (cough, cough)… Sorry, fingers crossed for you!

The winner of our Borderlands Competition will be announced on the official release date of Borderlands 3 13/09/19.

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Who’s a pretty boy then?

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