VPN provider Surfshark is skyrocketing

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Surfshark, the VPN provider, today announced that their Digital Quality of Life (DQL) report is making the headlines internationally with such media mentions as Huffington PostPCMagSydney Morning Herald, US News, and many others.

Digital Quality of Life report

Did you know that the US has awesome broadband speed and price, but slow mobile internet? It’s one of the reasons why it landed to 11th place in the DQL report while its neighbour Canada is #6! 

The US is followed closely by the Netherlands who could climb up to the top 10 by cutting their internet prices and improving the country’s cybersecurity. However, they’re doing better than #17 UK who struggles both with the speed AND the price of their bandwidth and mobile plans.

Surfshark DQL Findings

The report didn’t just focus on Western hemisphere countries – for example, Russia came out 27th of the 65 countries analyzed, mostly due to poor internet speed, affordability, and country’s cybersecurity.

See the findings for yourself in this interactive DQL comparison tool. Where does your country rate? Do you think these findings are based on a fair assessment? Let us know in the comments below.

Surfshark is trending as a brand!

DQL is adding even more fuel to the already growing Surfshark brand, and they’re seeing a steady increase in brand visibility worldwide. Since the impact of brand growth is very tangible and Surfshark have clearly seen it in their increased CR%, they’re going to be focusing even more of their efforts on making Surfshark a household name in Q4, 2019 and Q1, 2020.

Surfshark Brand Awareness

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