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Vibrant dieselpunk adventure, AIRHEART soars on to Xbox One today

Blindflug Studios, the award-winning Zurich-based independent development studio, is pleased to announce that AIRHEART is now available to purchase for Xbox One via the Microsoft Store, priced £11.51 (price correct as of 14/08/2018).

AIRHEART is a diesel-punk action game set in the vibrant floating city of Granaria. Players will step into the shoes of Amelia, a young pilot who aspires to one day reach the world’s edge and capture the infamous Sky Whale.

Amelia must take to the skies in her customisable plane – soaring higher and higher through a uniquely vertical environment as she explores vivid landscapes, partakes in a spot of sky-fishing and takes on rival aircraft in tight twin-stick combat.

Amelia is able to improve her highly-customisable plane using a robust upgrade system; crafting new items from scrap obtained from fallen foes. Funds can also be earned from sky-fishing, but doing so might have a bigger impact on Granaria’s ecosystem than it first might seem.

AIRHEART – Tales of broken Wings is now available to purchase on Xbox OnePlayStation 4and PC.

For more information, please visit the official website: http://airheartgame.com/

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