Ultimate Games S.A. releases 3 new games on Switch

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Ships, Blindy and The Mims Beginning – are three new games that Ultimate Games S.A. is releasing on Nintendo Switch. The premiere dates of the individual titles in the digital distribution are set for November 5 (Ships), November 8 (Blindy) and November 20 (The Mims Beginning).


This game is a comprehensive simulator in which you can take control of the three special-purpose ships (a container ship, a deep-sea construction vessel and semi-submersible transport ship). The gameplay concentrates on various missions in the waters of the Baltic Sea.

The title allows the player, for example, to extract large objects from the seabed, transport and install large offshore installations as well as conducting rescue missions. Ships offers a total of 24 different missions and the gameplay also includes an extensive ship repair system and crew control mode.


An unusual 2D platforming game based on high challenges. Darkness plays a decisive role in the game. Each level brings you almost certain death and to reach the goal may require many repetitions, a lot of dexterity and good memory.

Blindy has 60 unique levels to complete, available in 4 different game modes. As the creators explain, this unique platformer does not guarantee fairness but it certainly provides serious challenges.

The Mims Beginning

A strategic “god-like” type game set in a fairy tale-futuristic style. The player’s task is to lead the Mims on a mystical journey through the galaxy. The gameplay is distinguished by a high level of development – the list of activities includes, e.g. creating colonies, technology research, breeding animals, fighting against the various threats and use of divine power.​

The creators from the Squatting Penguins studio have prepared a few different game modes and lots of possibilities of influencing the fate of the Mims. In The Mims Beginning, you can find, among others, a system of variable weather conditions and natural disasters, numerous secrets or even a mechanism of predicting the future.


About Ultimate Games S.A.

Ultimate Games S.A. Logo

Ultimate Games S.A. operates on the video games market, specializing in the production and distribution of games for various platforms, i.e. computer games (PC and MAC), mobile games (Android and iOS) and games for consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox They). In 2016, the Company acquired a significant investor, PlayWay S.A., a leading producer and publisher of computer games in Poland, listed on the WSE.

The company is a producer and publisher of games sold worldwide in the digital distribution model, through dedicated distribution platforms, in particular, Steam, App Store, Google Play and Nintendo eShop, which are the largest game and application distributors in the world.

The business model is based on the production and distribution of large amounts of low-budget and high-margin games by distributed small development teams.

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