Trove open console beta begins now

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Trion Worlds launched Trove‘s open beta yesterday and you can get it right now on Xbox One and PS4. The new voxel-based MMO immediately bears a resemblance to that other game that involves killing monsters and moving cubes of dirt around but it has plenty of fresh ideas and kid-friendly fun.

There are fourteen distinctly goofy classes to play all with their own abilities and appearances, and so far gameplay seems to come down to jumping and flipping through hairstyles. We’ll cover more of Trove‘s progress over the coming weeks.

Best of all Trion have confirmed that progress will carry over to the main client so you can level and collect to your heart’s content. Just don’t look at the price of the microtransactions if you don’t want to have an aneurysm.

Find out more about Trove here!

Trove Light Bike

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