tinyBuild announce four new games

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tinyBuild have just announced four new games at their PAX West Press Conference, and if you didn’t get a chance to watch the live stream, we got you covered!

Before we get to the actual reveals, we have prepared some exciting news gamers have been asking tinyBuild about.

SpeedRunners is finally getting a Nintendo Switch release!!! Watch the brand new Nintendo Switch Trailer below. No, seriously, it’s actually happening. The most competitive game ever — with over 7 million units sold across all platofrms (yes, this is a new piece of information) is speeding onto Nintendo Switch very soon.

Secondly, a new DLC for Pathologic 2, The Marble Nest, is in the works! It will be free for everyone who purchased the full game prior to the DLC release. Check out The Marble Nest trailer below:

And finally, Secret Neighbor is coming to Steam and Xbox this Halloween! Go play it if you’re around PAX West this weekend.

Now for the new games that are available to play at timyBuild’s PAX Booth:

Title: Black Skylands
Format/Release: PC  / 2020
Description: Open world top-down shooter set in the times of airship battles.

Title: Not For Broadcast
Format/Release: PC  / 2020 
Description: Dystopian on-air censorship simulator.

Title: Once Upon A Time in Roswell
Format/Release: PC  / 2019 
Description: A psychological horror game that chronicles the story of the families disappearance in 1947 in Roswell, USA

And the final game announced which you sadly won’t be able to play at PAX:

Format/Release: PC / 2020
Description: The ultimate hardcore online soup shenanigans!

And that wraps up tinyBuild’s news from PAX West today. But that’s not all, they’re inviting visitors to PAX West to go hangout at their PAX West 2019 booth! Featuring Secret Neighbor, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, some of the games above, and a unique opportunity to play Graveyard Keeper in an actual coffin! They’re right next to the Indie Megabooth, at the end of the 4th floor hall. You can’t miss it, they’re very orange.

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